Immaculate Conception – Year of Mercy


Father George David Byers: PDF of conference on the Immaculate Conception and Genesis 3:15 (2,4a–3,24) at the Institute of the Incarnate Word in Chillum, MD (Washington, D.C) – 7 Feburary 2013

Here’s the full PDF version of the thesis: Father George David Byers: Genesis 2,4a-3,24 – Two Generations in one day

  • Yes, the Immaculate Conception is to be found in Genesis 3:15
  • Yes, there is original sin by propagation, not imitation
  • Yes, there is a promise of a Redeemer, the how and the why.

I don’t know how else to say it, but it needs to be said:

  • This is what Blessed Pope Pius IX was looking for from his exegetes in the early 1850s before declaring that Mary was immaculately conceived… and didn’t get it.
  • This is what the Venerable Pope Pius XII was looking for from his exegetes in the 1940s before declaring that Mary was assumed soul and body into heaven… and didn’t get it.

After my Licentiate in Sacred Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Jerusalem and Rome), I stayed on in the library to write an STD, though at another University for political reasons. Six pontifical universities were following the progress of the thesis. I gave it to enemies of the conclusions so that they might attack the logic, the method, whatever. Nothing, they couldn’t do it. This was a massive undertaking of historical philology, a truly brutal, unrelenting, historical critical work. In honor of Mary. It’s her gift to me to give back to her.

On this occasion of the opening of the Year of Mercy, 8 December, 2015, the best thing I can do as a Missionary of Mercy is to offer this research to the Church. I hope this will be a long and detailed series. This is biggest thank you I can give to Pope Francis for his act of governance on my behalf on 24 June 2015.

Why open the Holy Year on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception?

  • Is it because it’s the 50th anniversary of the close of Vatican II? Yes.
  • Is it because it’s the feast of the Immaculate Conception? Yes.

Don’t forget, the most emotional moment for the entire assembly of bishops was about Mary, Mother of the Church, a title pronounced by Venerable Pope Paul VI. The applause went for something like 10 to 12 minutes. It’s really hard to clap for two full minutes. This was 10 to 12.

Mary is also Mother of Mercy

In her immaculate conception she has clarity of vision, that is, purity of heart and agility of soul, transformed in grace from the first moment of her conception. In looking at her Divine Son tortured to death on the Cross, she can perfectly see the need of every man from Adam until the last man is conceived. Just for being in solidarity with her Son, she can perfectly intercede for us for what we need. She is mediatrix of all graces, co-redemptrix as one of us who asks for what we need from God, from Jesus. These are her labor pains for us. This is where she becomes our Mother of Mercy.


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3 responses to “Immaculate Conception – Year of Mercy

  1. Still extraordinary, George. A wonderful achievement

  2. sanfelipe007

    A most wonderful talk, Father. Thank you. “Her seed”. The Immaculate Conception. The timing of her reception of the enmity. It all makes sense.

    Also, though I was never confused, I always wondered where the “SHE will crush” line came from. good to know.

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