Lior, who is “Light for Me”


After seeing the trailer to the movie below, I would agree with Devora myself. It is such as these who have throughout my life brought me closer to the Most High than any earthly ecclesiastical doctor of the law, and being one of those myself and one who knows the highest ranking doctors of the law both Jewish and Catholic, that is a high compliment indeed to Lior. !לחיים

Should anyone like to get all theological about it, I hasten to send such a one to this article on Arise! Let us be going! on the absolute truth and Pope Francis: Pope Francis gets it right about Absolute Truth

Update: The email below came in from a friend. I post it here because I would like everyone to take note of the subject matter of this post and compare it to the perspective from which she writes. I think that is most beautiful, the rejoicing of all the children of God. And, she’s right: isn’t this what Francis, our Bishop of Rome desires, such joy before the Most High? Yes!

This entry is the most beautiful Christmas present, thank you. True joy and speaking to everyone without boundaries. You have epitomized the Holy Father but by Holy Father I mean the Vicar of Christ. Because whether it be Pope Pius XII or any one of the Popes since then until now, it reflects their warmth and concern for all but especially the forgotten/shunned, in society. Thank you for being a true Missionary of Mercy and reminding us to be aware and to live joyfully.

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