To (Arch)Bishops: Pope Francis’ Missionary of Mercy’s invitation to Victims of Abuse and to Treatment Centers for Priests

pope francis

The parameters within which the Missionaries of Mercy work are defined more or less by the national boundaries and territories of the episcopal conference of the Missionary’s domicile. The bishops will eventually be sent the entire list from which they can request a Missionary if they don’t already have one or they need more help. In the U.S.A., the ratio is about one Missionary for every two (arch)dioceses.

A Missionary doesn’t always wait. I would like to push those who think they may be ineligible to ask how it is that mercy works its effects to go ahead and push their bishops or other ecclesiastical superiors for such an event during this Year of Mercy. I’m asking (arch)bishops and religious superiors not to wait for those who may feel ineligible to ask to just make it happen for them.

So, I’m asking (arch)bishops and religious superiors to schedule events in their Cathedrals and in Treatment Centers for Priests with Pope Francis’ Missionaries of Mercy, events which offer such encouragement about mercy, specifically for those who have been abused, and specifically for those who have been the abusers. I’m available for either kind of event. It is imperative that all know the goodness and kindness, the peace and joy our Lord Jesus, who loves us all so very much.

Just to say: this blog is followed by many in Silver Spring, MD, in Albuquerque, NM, and in Dittmer, MO, et al. There is an interest.

Just to say: This is what Pope Francis wants. Do what you need to do to help bring healing to all.

Contact me at an old but still active email address, which is holy souls hermitage [one word] at gmail dot com.

— Father George David Byers

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One response to “To (Arch)Bishops: Pope Francis’ Missionary of Mercy’s invitation to Victims of Abuse and to Treatment Centers for Priests

  1. Fr. George,
    I will offer myself as a witness to Mercy. You can google my name and see my story. If you contact me I can email you a manuscript of a book the I wrote titled: “My Story of Forgiveness: You can also click on this link to hear my story on Youtube:
    or copy and paste the link in the Youtube search bar. I am a victim of priestly sexual abuse. I was able to forgive. I have a brother who is a very good priest in the diocese of Rockville Centre, NY. Together, victim and good priest; brothers, bringing a message of forgiveness, mercy and healing.
    If you are interested please call or write.

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