The strongest ever handmade rosary


It’s all held together by a braided metal cable strong enough to pull a car, or perhaps a stubborn soul. Even I could not break this rosary, and I have a donkey’s strength. Here’s the description:



This is from Kathleen Riney. Her husband is in hospice now. In your charity please say a prayer for him and for her. She’s a great prayer supporter for all our priests including Father Gordon MacRae and myself.

A reader wanted me to upload an mp3, a recitation of the Rosary, but instead I would like to give you a peek at what I do with some of my time while driving the great distances in my parish. I chant the rosary. In the mp3 below, the Ave is chanted in Hebrew with a chant I made up while driving along.

שלום לך, מרים, מלאת החסד, אדוני עמך, ברוכה את בנשים וברוך פרי בטנך, ישוע.
מרים הקדושה, אם האלהים,התפללי בעדנו, החוטאים, עתה ובשעת מותנו. אמן.

Some people have a mental block about saying the Rosary because they’re making it too abstract, repeating the Hail Mary and that’s it. Instead, while you’re reciting the Hail Mary, be personally thanking Jesus and Mary for all they did while on this earth so as to get us to heaven. The time flies when it’s not from your head but from your heart


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7 responses to “The strongest ever handmade rosary

  1. ennoh412

    I have one of Kathleen’s beautiful hand made rosary beads. They are quite magnificent. I will keep her and her husband in my prayers.

  2. Liz

    Please tell Kathy that we will pray for her and for her husband in our family rosary today.

  3. sanfelipe007

    I also offered prayers.

  4. God bless the journey that Kathleen and her husband are on.
    Thank you for the chant of the Hail Mary in Hebrew – how beautiful!

  5. Antonio López

    Where did buy a rosary like this. Its a beautiful piece of art
    . Can yuo send to me more info. Thanks.

    • Father George David Byers

      It was a gift, Antonio. Try googling some of the info and you should come to an internet site.

  6. Thank you for your kind words Fr. David! And ALL here for your prayers!
    We have a Great Need for Prayers now. After 58 yrs of BFF, (50’s Version)
    & 56 yrs of Marriage, I believe this is the Biggest Challenge we’ve faced!
    Dying brings out the Best & the Worst in Families, especially in our Era.
    Add to that, we’re Both “Type A” personalities, Irish, as are All 5 of our “children”, 18 Grandchildren, & now, 3 Great Grandchildren!! Jesus Mary & Joseph, & the Grace of our Father are like our UN ‘Blue Hats’! (Though not All are aware of that as yet..But, in God’s Time, “All Will Be Well”.
    Fr. David, is there anyway you could Translate the “Ave” & Pater Nosters in Phonetic English?? I would LOVE to be able to pray the Rosary in Chant that way!! Although I have NO singing abilities whatsoever, I don’t care. (Those around me could “offer it up”!) :) I usually pray the Our Father & use “Adoni”…Thank you again—It was quite a Surprise….

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