800 Missionaries of Mercy but where are the Spiritual Mothers?

This email from a dear friend alarmed me:

SPIRITUAL MOTHERHOOD“I do so hope that the Holy Father does read your Blog. That is an inspired entry, dear Father [Pope Francis’ Missionary of Mercy and an abuse victim to team up for the Year of Mercy?]. This is a continuation of the incredible “Year for Priests” [[the year I was crucified, analogously, by another priest, which turned out to be a most profound blessing for me.]], and women need to dust off their SpiritualMotherhood booklet from the Congregation for the Clergy and accompany the 800 or more Missionaries of Mercy with Adoration, Reparation, Spiritual Motherhood for Priests.”

stats top ten countries arise let us be goingAt this very minute, my WordPress stats page is reporting that the Holy See is in the top ten of the countries visiting the blog as I write this post. At any rate, the Holy Father, you must know, reads news from the dark peripheries, La Repubblica. As to whether he might be alerted on a rare occasion while in down time as to what one of his Missionaries of Mercy is up to, well, lets just say I have not yet been summoned to Rome outside of my meeting with him – and with all the others – on Shrove Tuesday. I’m sure that will be like meeting an old friend.

What alarms me is that there is a possibility that Spiritual Mothers around the world might need to dust off their Spiritual Motherhood booklet from the Congregation of the Clergy. Don’t abandon us now, our spiritual mothers! We depend on you. You are the maternal heart of the Church. What is to become of us without you?

I once emailed a cloistered nun (the mother prioress who took care of such things as email for the monastery), who prays for me daily, and told her of my fears of meeting Jesus at my judgment, when He, in all His fearful majesty, will demand an accounting of me regarding what I did with all the graces which He heaped upon me according to her prayers. I complained that instead of being closer to heaven, I would be backed up to the farthest reaches of purgatory because of my ineptitude. After all, to the one who has been given much, much will be demanded. Her immediate response (she was on the computer just then) was that I should instead be grateful for her prayers because (and I’m sure she was laughing when typing this)… because being in the farthest reaches of purgatory because of her prayers was a promotion from where I would have been without her prayers! “Yes,” I immediately agreed. “That is very true. Thank you.”

Unlike the participants in the Synod on the family, not all the names of the Missionaries of Mercy will be published publicly. Remember that temporary website (now taken down) about adopting a Synod Father in prayer during the Synod on the Family? I wonder if someone could put up a similar site and just give people numbers, from 1 to 800, which will refer to whatever Missionary of Mercy for whom they will pray until the close of the Year of Mercy on 20 November 2016. Anyone? I bet I will be number 666, but will hopefully have advanced as far as purgatory…

(Potential) Spiritual Mothers have their marching orders with Spiritual Motherhood. Let’s work as a team. Believe me, without your prayers, we would do nothing, and less than nothing. Any good we might possibly have the chance of doing this year will depend on your prayers. We want Spiritual Mothers! We need Spiritual Mothers! Let’s do this together with Jesus, and with His dearest mother and ours.


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12 responses to “800 Missionaries of Mercy but where are the Spiritual Mothers?

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  2. Angela

    I will pray for you daily as one of ‘my’ priests.

  3. Angela

    As I look at the link – I realise I even have the book :-)

  4. Father George David Byers

    Thank you so very much, Angela. Thank you.

  5. Angela

    You were in there already as I pray, & offer my (small) sufferings for all priests, but some in particular, so you are one of those too. God bless you, and I’m so happy you are back to blogging.

  6. Cathe D.

    Merry Christmas Father George! It’s been a long time since I have posted on your site. I used to be a regular on your other website before it was closed down. Like Angela, I too pray for all priests and have individual clergy who seem to have been placed in my care by the Holy Spirit. When you shut down your web, I didn’t know if I would ever hear of you again. But I didn’t give up praying for you Father! I figured that you needed prayers and sacrifices whether you are living or not. When a priest asks me to pray for them, whether asked in the confessional or not, it is a serious life commitment for me and I believe most spiritual mothers believe that as well. Hopefully our Lord will be merciful to us Spiritual Mothers when it is time for us to go to our eternal home. We all need each other and that is the way God probably wants it. There are more Spiritual Mothers out there quietly protecting the priesthood than you realize. So glad to have you back Father George…it’s such a relief to hear from you again. God bless…from Cathe D.

  7. Father George David Byers

    Thank you so much Cathy.

  8. Carmel

    Asking God to give you abundant blessings this Christmas and always Fr George. I too pray for you, Fr Gordon, my parish priest and one or two others, all by name, as well as priests in general (St Therese’s prayer for priests). In fact this prayer leaps to mind to be prayed asap whenever a priest is ‘adapting’ anything in the Liturgy (still not uncommon😔)

    As Cathe says above, it’s wonderful to find you writing a blog again. I’m sure you will be a wonderful MoM with our Blessed Mother’s gentle guidance and the prayers of all your readers, your spiritual ‘mothers’ 😊

  9. Father George David Byers

    Thanks Carmel.

  10. Father Goerge,
    I hope I’m not being irreverent but a silly thought occurred to me as I read Carmel’s comment above. God must indeed have a sense of humor, In this age of self identification -(you can be what ever you feel) I was amused that you, a Reverend Father are now a MOM (Missionary of Mercy) LOL

    By the way, I have adopted 18 of my favorite priests as Spiritual Sons. You’re one of them – I think I will adopt 666 too, whoever he might be. .

  11. Father George David Byers

    Thanks, joisygoil. MoM didn’t escape my notice. “Even if a mother should forget her own child, I will never forget you…” ;-)

  12. Peeled onion

    Dear Fr George
    You might be interested in this Via Crucis for priests by Dom Mark Kirby, written form on his blog, or here on youtube

    Thanks for the recent posts and pictures,
    With grateful prayers
    Peeled onion ☺

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