24 years of Holy Mass: Jesus, Alexamenos and Jackass for the Hour


I’m so very happy to be Jesus’ priest. As the ancient of days Italian priest friends would put it, 24 years of offering Holy Mass. It’s all about Jesus.

Alexamenos, pictured above, has been a major influence in my life. Thanks go to him, who is most likely a Jewish convert to the Church, who was surely soon martyred after this etching was made in the Imperial School on the Circus Maximus side of the Palatine.

jackass for the hour

It’s on days like today I’m so very tempted to get out my 750 page ecclesiastical thriller novel “Jackass for the Hour” which I wrote under the pen name Renzo di Lorenzo in between chapters of writing my doctoral thesis on Genesis 2:4–3:24 over in Rome.  The cover [(c) George David Byers] for that book, was painted by an autistic boy upon seeing a donkey (permission from the parents for the painting).donkey baby

The book needs plenty of revision, as I wrote it ten years ago. Much has changed since then. People upon whom characters are based have died or moved on, politics in the Holy See have changed, my own spiritual life has developed in whatever way…


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6 responses to “24 years of Holy Mass: Jesus, Alexamenos and Jackass for the Hour

  1. Cathe D.

    Happy Anniversary Father! I am sure that all of heaven is celebrating this important day with us.

    It seems to me that making changes to the book is, in a way, wiping away its history. God bless you Father…Cathy

  2. Father George David Byers

    Good point about history, Cathy…….

  3. A good editing of the text need not change the essential meaning. Sometimes writing is clumsy and could benefit from a re-write. To revise or edit a text does not necessarily mean that one is changing history. F. Scott Fitzgerald worked carefully with his editor, Max Perkins. Fitzgerald produced 7 drafts of The Great Gatsby until he was satisfied.

  4. Careful, thoughtful editing does not change history. It is an essential part of the writing process. Fitzgerald produced 7 drafts of TgeGreat Gatsby before he was satisfied and he worked carefully with his editor Max Perkins throughout his career.

    Do not be afraid to revise a text and to solicit editorial advice.

  5. Father George David Byers

    @ kritters117 – my problem is getting it WAY too tightly scripted. The history is the history recounted in the text. I might have to bust it up in a trilogy….

  6. Nita Anderson

    Happy and Blessed Anniversary to the most humble troublemaker Priest I have had the honor of attending Mass, while at our tiny little mountain church! Praise God for our Priest!!!! May the Angels sing an extra hymn for him!

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