Brothers in blood: A thanksgiving

department of state 1

department of state 2

I’m sure Pope Francis won’t mind that one of his Missionaries of Mercy has, in the somewhat distant past, had some intimate knowledge of a Maximum Security Prison closer to his own neck of the woods.

ak 47

That date of 1992 up top, mind you, only refers to when I was able to do something felicitous in the long run for, let’s say, tongue in cheek, to a degree, brothers in blood, though this all goes back even into the 1970s. This letter has been with me everywhere since the early nineties, and has been authenticated by the FBI I don’t know how many times and has saved me right around the world I don’t know how many times.

prisonI even have an extremely abbreviated form of it taped to the windshield of my trucks. Just in case. It’s my way of protecting brothers in blood, so to speak. If something happens to me, it’s my way of getting a message to the DOS and various agencies and institutes that some of my connections may be in immediate need. I trust them to help.

ak 47 ammoBack in 1992, as a freshly ordained priest, was the only time I’ve asked for personal help. They came through. And I know I repeat this ad nauseam perhaps for some, but it’s simply that I feel perpetually thankful. All that sounds overly dramatic. And it is, I suppose. I mean, they laugh at this – for the trouble I get myself into is a source of comic relief for them – but then they (various agencies and institutes) happily do the necessary, whatever the cost. And they are good at what they do. And for that I am most thankful. If I put such things up in a public forum it is only because that is helpful to me and brothers in blood. It’s for the record, however cryptic for most eyes.

The takeaway is this: They do their job so that we can do ours. They do their service so that we can do ours. The mercy they provide is so that we can live, and they not infrequently die in the process. The mercy we are to provide is so that all might live in life eternal. We have the corporal works of mercy. We have the spiritual works of mercy. Our opportunity to do these things has been bought at a great price, not only by our Lord, but by all those who are in our service in any other way. To subject ourselves to an examination of conscience is already the beginning of mercy in every which way.


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5 responses to “Brothers in blood: A thanksgiving

  1. Mary Fran

    “Cryptic for most eyes.” Yes, I would say so. I, for one, am left scratching my head, wondering what this is all about. Not wanting in the least to KNOW anymore than what you’ve written above. You are quite a mystifying character, Father Byers. There is more here than meets the eye.

  2. Father George David Byers

    @ Mary Fran — Yes, well, if you knew more you would say: “Oh, that’s just really dumb. Poor Father Byers.” But then, if you knew even more you would say, “Oh, I see… Yikes!”

  3. Thank you for being brave. Obviously whatever it is that you are involved in took a lot of guts to speak up about. I admire that, Father Byers.

  4. SognPlaci

    You wrote “[…]”. Should you not have written “[…]”?

  5. Father George David Byers

    It’s a set literary form in this case…

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