My terrorist seismologist friend

yellowstone caldera supervolcano

“But how would you get a nuclear bomb?” I asked sheepishly. “If you know what you are doing, it would not have to be very big,” he said, “just big enough to do the job.” “Sounds like it would have to be pretty big to get things going,” I replied. “It will be plenty big for what I need to do with it because of where I would be able to put it,” he insisted, getting upset with my ignorance. “But it’s hard to get the right materials,” said I, adding, “because, you know, the quality really varies from the country of supply.” “I have people for that,” he said sharply, “a small group, small, but I know them. They know what they are doing. I have been with them. They can do it for me.” When he said such things he would be gripped by fear of his talking too much, but then I would distract him, a Jedi trick. ;-) “I suppose you studied seismology enough to know what the reactions will be, and you have the equipment to find exactly the spot you need to drill down and place the bomb,” said I. “They know nothing in my country,” he replied, with anger suppressing the fear, adding, “They are idiots, all of them, in the government. They know nothing about how important this can be to throw off a perception of the stability of a government. They are idiots. They need to be shown what can be done.” “But what can you do?” I asked, trying not to let on that I thought I should put him out of his misery then and there by twisting his head off his shoulders, regardless of me being a merciful young priest. “First of all, I must do the right studies,” he replied, “getting the degrees in seismology that my country does not provide, because they are idiots. But I have found just the right place, in America. I am on my way there now, but I had to stop here first.” “But where in America, on the West coast?” I asked, “because there are a lot of institutes out there because of all the earth quakes.” “It is a small place; it is good for me; I will go to a small place,” he said, always remaining ambiguous about this point, looking fearful again. “But anyway,” I pressed, “what will you do with your studies?” “I will explode a bomb in a fault line with the help of my friends, on an island, a small island,” he insisted; “it is just small, but it will show what can be done. They will see.” In another conversation he added something about making a big wave…

house of terrorism

Here’s the parish with adjunct ex-theologate where this took place. This fellow was not a priest in this house of priests, but a layman. There were plenty of shady characters who stayed there, both in the house and especially in the thin row of guest quarters which in this photo are to the immediate right of the length of the Church, set back from the road a bit and with a white roof. These guests would just say they knew someone from their country who had been there, spouting off any name whatsoever, and that gained them access.

I had many such conversations with this fellow. I don’t know, maybe because I had dealt with such shady characters all my life. I must say that I was the only one to speak with him. Everyone else kept their distance. He did seem to have a certain lack of calmness about him.

When I complained about this fellow being a terrorist, the house superiors recognized the problem, but actually denied knowing anything about him though he would eat meals with us and pay what he needed to pay. Great!

At any rate, I would say that, by this time, this fellow (a not very tall, stocky black guy) has all his degrees in seismology and engineering and physics, and is set to show everyone what he can do. I bet there have been some target and purposes and means modifications since then. Don’t bother asking me about his religion. Anyway, it should take about ten seconds to nail down who he is and where he is right now with just the info I’ve given here. I doubt if he’s gone back to West Africa.

West Africa

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