Only rats “Swim the Tiber” – Use the bridge the Pontifex built!

tiber angels bridgeThe Successor of Saint Peter, the Rock upon whom the Church is built, is such because he is the Bishop of Rome. It is because he is the Bishop of Rome that he is the Supreme Pontiff, that is, the Supreme Bridge Builder. It just strikes me as being silly that anyone would ever speak about “swimming the Tiber” when there is a perfectly good bridge to walk across. Using the bridge provided by the Supreme Bridge Builder carries the joy of simply coming home. Swimming the Tiber is dangerous, and rejects the bridge building of the Bishop of Rome. So, only rats swim the Tiber, right?

tiber rat

I only mention this because, when getting my truck fixed the other day, the mechanic wanted to get my thoughts about prevenient grace. I said a few things, but wanted to hear him speak. What he presented was perfect Catholic doctrine. I didn’t tell him that Wesley stole that from the Catholic Church, specifically from Saint Thomas Aquinas, especially since he is a Baptist. I did let him know that what he said was absolutely what the Catholic Church always believed. In times to come, I would hate to see this perfect gentleman swim the dangerous Tiber river. I would rather just walk with him right across the bridge. Oh, and did I mention that this is also called “dialogue.” ;¬)


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2 responses to “Only rats “Swim the Tiber” – Use the bridge the Pontifex built!

  1. pelerin

    With all due respect Father, I have always taken the expression ‘to swim the Tiber’ to indicate the perils some of us had to face when we did just that! For many it was not like an easy walk across a bridge and although ‘swimming the Tiber’ eventually brings great happiness there can be rough waves to overcome on the way.

  2. Father George David Byers

    The perils of torture and death and abandonment are nothing compared to the security of the Rock! But I know what you mean. ;-)

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