Impossible world? Justice and Mercy as One

chess board robert van der steeg impossible world

The Mercy Team = The Good Guys!
The Justice Team = The Bad Guys!

That’s how the know-nothings do things, an impossible world. They expect to achieve peace by pitting mercy and justice against each other. All that is obtained is frustration, for the upset of doubting God comes to the fore. Cynicism is the result of cutting mercy off from justice, for immediately after asking for “mercy, mercy, mercy,” we see what seems to be a total lack of mercy all around us. Instant cynicism. Left to fester, this turns into a bitterness on the war-path, that sees good in no thing, that is, in nothing, content to let mercy and justice cancel each other out so as seemingingly to have the right to scream out: “I told you so!” (with the “you” in that cry being their god who doesn’t exist, that is, their nihilistic selves). This is the darkest of all dark existential peripheries. Woe to those who fling multitudes of people precipitously into such a vortex of self-referential self-pity.

We want mercy and decry justice and are thus thrown into the most wild vortex of self-pity on the prowl for making always more victims of the division of mercy and justice. But you have to know, this is a personal choice. Jesus nor any Pope ever said that justice was something bad. This was only said by people who are bitter to the core. Think about it. It’s true, no? We should never be eager to follow the path to hell just because we are hurting. Instead of saving ourselves with our own idiocy, why not let the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception undo the knots into which we have bound ourselves?

Accept that in Jesus (as in God, for He is God), justice and mercy are one.

Look upon the cross. Jesus is there, founding the mercy He provides to us (“Father, forgive them”) on His own justice, taking our place in what we deserve in justice so that we might receive His mercy. This makes His mercy credible, majestic. “For the sake of His sorrowful passion (justice), have mercy on us and on the whole world (mercy).”

There comes a time when, finally, we realize that Jesus has won the battle, that He has a good grip on our souls, on our hearts, on our minds, not a steel grip of ideology, but a grip cemented by the blood of His wounds, a grip of friendship that won’t let go. And then, we walk in His presence. Or, better, it is then that He carries us as little children into the battle with the Evil One, Himself doing the fighting for us, but we with Him. The solidarity of justice and mercy as one. He’s the One.


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2 responses to “Impossible world? Justice and Mercy as One

  1. sanfelipe007

    That image of Jesus carrying us, as little children, into battle and fighting for us , is a beautiful one.

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