SUCCESS! Father Gordon J MacRae under the knife


Yesterday, Father Gordon (About) called to tell me that he thinks he will be undergoing surgery soon, his long awaited operation. I haven’t heard back since, so I’m guessing his intervention was yesterday afternoon. He will be in the hospital and infirmary for a good week. He gave me the post for February 3 to edit beforehand, just in case. I’ll hopefully be able to do a guest-post after that one from Rome. Then, please God, we will have Father Gordon back in better shape than ever.

Please, if you would, in your charity, share this post round about. Prayers are always helpful. However, just to say, don’t be alarmed. The operation is a good thing. We are very thankful that the day has finally come when Father Gordon goes under the knife. That doesn’t quite sound right, does it? Anyway, we wish Father Gordon God-speed in recovery.

Update: Father Gordon tried to call me, but I was saying our Wednesday evening Mass in the parish after the Faith Formation classes. Just the fact that he tried to call me, I suppose from his post-op hospital bed, means that all went well. I hope!

Update 3:06 PM Thursday 28 January: O.K., so, of course, it wasn’t Father Gordon who tried to call yesterday evening, but rather Pornchai Maximilian. He said that they kept Father Gordon in the hospital overnight. They did not bring him back to the infirmary. This almost never ever happens. I’m guessing that the doctor was furious at what he saw, realizing that this operation should have been done already fully five years ago. He would have wanted to give him a day away from the hell for recovery’s sake, and so kept him. That’s the best case scenario. I’ll perhaps find out later tonight or surely by tomorrow if Father Gordon has arrived back at the infirmary in the prison. Pray for his recovery!

Update 9:55 AM Friday 29 January: Pornchai Max just called again. Father Gordon did arrive back to the prison in the infirmary last night. He’s on some pretty high dosage pain medication so they won’t let him out into the general population yet. It’s said that the operation was a success. If they let him out today, it will be before “count” late this afternoon. If he doesn’t make it to that, he will stay in the infirmary until Monday. Personally, I think he would do better in his cell with Max taking care of him. Pray!

Update 7:39 PM Friday 29 January: Email to everyone from Father Gordon:

Well, I arrived in Cell No. 1 under the stairs on Bravo Pod in H Building at about 4 pm today exactly 62 hours after I left for surgery.  I spent Tuesday night in the prison medical center, and was transported to Concord Hospital on Wednesday early afternoon.  A hospital stay for a prisoner is always an ordeal because the entire stay is spent chained to a bed with about 16 inches radius of movement. I was taken to surgery at about 2 in the afternoon on Wednesday and do not recall the anesthesia being administered, but I remember the surgeon telling me this would take about 45 to 60 min.  I woke hours later in the recovery room, quite groggy and in lots of pain. The surgeon told me that the surgery was very complicated and said he would explain more the next day, but said the gall bladder was severely damaged and open general surgery became necessary.  So I have four incisions, one of them now containing 18 staples. He also told me I would be hospitalized for about 5 to 7 days with at least another five in the medical unit in the prison.  I was dismayed because a stay that long generally means that I bunk and cell I had would be given to someone else and I was worried for both me and Max.

So reading on Fr. Byers’ post about all of your prayers was an affirmation for me that doctors do not write the script.  By Thursday afternoon the surgeon told me that he had never seen someone heal so fast from such major surgery.  He told me the surgery was an absolute necessity because the gall bladder was twice its normal size, severely diseased, with inflamed tissue all around it and throughout my hepatic system.  He said it contained what appeared to be a massive amount of toxic wet concrete.  Anyway, I was back in just two days with no complications and for that, I thank all of you.
With blessings,
Father G
Add Masses said for you Father. In solidarity. Very happy with this.
Update 9:10 PM Saturday 30 January: Just spoke with Father Gordon for about an hour. He’s doing well, but added that he may have exaggerated a little bit the quickness of his recovery. I’m sure he feels a bit sore his first morning after all that. He said it was the first time he slept straight through the night in all these days. I was very happy to hear he had a good sleep which is so good for healing. He did say that he had a very evident sense, physical sensation that the horrific thing he’s been living with for years is finally gone. The doctor was flabbergasted, stunned, beyond words for how long it took to get the surgery, saying that it should have been done many years ago. Anyway, we’re so happy that he’s well on the road to recovery. He’s mobile and moving about. Amen.


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27 responses to “SUCCESS! Father Gordon J MacRae under the knife

  1. Lynn

    Fr. Gordon will be in my prayers…

  2. I will pray for a safe operation and speedy recovery for Fr. Gordon. Thank you for letting us know

  3. Liz

    Shared and praying. God bless and keep Fr. Gordon! Thank you for letting us know!

  4. meshugunah

    Having had gallstones, I can empathize with the sort of agony they’ve been causing Father Gordon! Even immediately post-op, with all that entails, he’s going to feel so much better it will be amazing. 32 years ago, I had the old-school large incision surgery – much improved today with tiny little incisions and rapid healing. Will ask – are there things we can do to improve Father’s dietary choices post-op? That was the hardest part for me, and I wasn’t imprisioned with a limited menu…

    Prayers ongoing, as ever!

  5. Cathe D.

    Praying for Father Gordon…cathy

  6. Mary Fran

    He’ll be there a GOOD WEEK? He told me some time ago that they never let anyone stay in the hospital overnight and then only a day in recovery at the prison. I’m glad for him. I thought that moving people right after an operation and not giving them a decent chance to recover before going back to their normal routine was a bad idea.

    I also am praying for him. My hour of adoration is tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. I will specifically remember him then.

  7. Mary Fran

    I had asked Fr. Gordon some time ago about diet after the surgery, if the prison would make any allowances for him or anyone else, but he is so far behind in answering letters (well, I’m sure he answers the important ones more quickly), that it may be a while before I hear anything from him. And the prison is horrible with its cafeteria offerings, that I doubt it will do anything special for him.

    • Father George David Byers

      @ Mary Fran – Nothing you can do. Prison is simply an extremely brutal existence.

  8. I put Fr Gordon on the local prayer chain and the internet chain.

  9. pelerin

    Extra prayers for Fr Gordon – thank you Fr for letting us know and please keep us up to date with his recovery. I sincerely hope the operation will relieve his symptoms. May God be with him.

  10. pelerin

    Just seen your update – I’m so glad Fr Gordon is able to ring you. Tell him we are all praying for him.

  11. I just found this post. Prayers for Fr Gordon and many blessings. Please keep us posted.

  12. Liz

    Poor Fr. G! We will keep praying for him!

  13. Liz

    We are still praying very much and I agree with you about being taken care of by Pornchai. Thanks for the updates, Father!

  14. meshugunah

    Offering tomorrow’s Virtus PGC session for Father Gordon – Holy Irony…Our Lady and Our Lord have a sense of humor!

  15. Carmel

    So relived to hear this news from the patient himself. Get well soon Father Gordon😊

  16. Liz

    Oh, Father, I’m glad to hear and hope and pray you will continue to improve rapidly. It sounds awful. We will keep praying! God bless you!

  17. sanfelipe007

    Thanks be to God! His mercy endures forever.

  18. It is so good to have these updates on Father Gordon. How wonderful that he could call. We are praying for not only a good recovery but for an end to this situation and suffering and no I don’t mean by death. Thank you Pornchai for taking care of Father Gordon. Our Lord has certainly put you there for a reason. Praying for you also Pornchai.

  19. meshugunah

    Virtus session went well. Hope Father Gordon is mending well. (Wouldn’t you know it – someone took umbrage that we dared pray for a “possible predator priest…” Adding that person, whomever, to the prayer list!)

  20. pelerin

    Mea maxima culpa – I am guilty of being very angry towards the authorities having learned that Fr Gordon was chained in hospital. Do they really think someone would try and escape after a serious operation? It is positively inhuman to treat anyone like that. Do you not have human rights in the US?

  21. THANK YOU, JESUS! I am so happy to hear this good news. I had a bad gall bladder and pancreatitis experience years ago and I know how painful this can be. I am so glad the surgery went well. Thank you, Jesus. Get well soon Fr. Gordon.

  22. SognPlaci

    I hope you meet the Pope in Rome. You should not talk to him about Irkutsk but about Father Gordon.

  23. pelerin

    I agree with SognPlaci as I have wondered for some time whether Pope Francis knows about the plight of Fr Gordon. In this Year of Mercy wouldn’t it be wonderful if Pope Francis could influence the US powers and try and gain his release.

  24. Always praying for Father G. He is a great example of courage and
    endurance. His Via Dolorosa has been long and trying.
    God bless him!

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