This was my view for a while…

WNC Great Smoky Mountains

I took this picture after Communion calls the other day. I love bringing Jesus round about to the sheep of His tiny flock. I shall miss my parish. I love everyone here and there are many who don’t want me to depart. Hey, it’s only for a couple of weeks to meet up with Pope Francis, right? Well, who knows. What if His Holiness asks: “Et tu?” And I respond: “Adsum!” And he asks: “Irkutsk?” And I say: “Vado!” I mean, after all, I’m used to the cold; the North Woods of Minnesota and southern Irkutsk have more or less the same climate. Time to start packing. For Rome that is. And then?


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3 responses to “This was my view for a while…

  1. Nancy v

    Oh my goodness, my heart would ache to leave those mountains. I just hope you can remain with us in your writing. You are in my prayers daily.

  2. Cathe D.

    You are in our prayers Father. Wishing you well wherever you hang your hat…I pray that your trip brings you many blessings. ….cathy

  3. SognPlaci

    Irkutsk? I have connections to Irkutsk, they would be happy to have you there. Only Russian is more difficult than Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic together. But it is a wonderful language.

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