Day One Part 2


This is across the street from where I’m staying, where the student chaplain lives for the Tyburns with whom I’m staying. No, I haven’t taken the veil! The nuns and I go way way back. I’ll be

saying daily Mass for them while I’m here. Their chaplain will be relieved.


This is Ponte Sisto where I was a beggar for a Summer. Lots of interesting instructive outrageous stories there!


Where I was ordained a Deacon: 12 Apostles Church of the OFM.Conv.


Kneeling at the altar rail where I begged for the grace of fidelity moments before the diaconate ordination Mass began. I am still begging in anguish daily. Fidelity! Fidelity! Fidelity!


The altar at the PIB. Great memories here. It is here our Lord had me take on all the academic infidelities regarding Genesis 2:4–3:24.


The Woman of Genesis 3:15.


Great. I survived the comprehensive reshelving of the entire library of the PIB (Pontifical Biblical Institute). Still in the Genesis stacks.


The melancholy view when critiquing revered Hebrews grammars.


So many incredible stories in here!


1000s of times walked. Many thousands.


While Rome burned….


Idiots. Many people came up to me all over Rome trying to convince me about such sentiments.


Ever ancient ever new. Fiery in enthusiasm.


Lots of things happen here!


Where I was standing when St John Paul II died.


About to fall to the pavement…


Dead tired.

Tomorrow, I may be up with the Pontifical Family. Yikes!

Time to head up the hill and go to sleep.


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5 responses to “Day One Part 2

  1. Janice

    Thank you for sharing. May the grace of fidelity continue to grow in this year of Mercy!

  2. Cathe D.

    Enjoyed the picture memory walk. Thankyou. Have a good night Father George. Looks like full days ahead…cathy

  3. What wonderful pictures Father. All of the places you have told me about! Keep the pictures coming as we are all totally enjoying them.

  4. pelerin

    Great to see your pictures father George – what beautiful altars and not wreckovated either.

    I didn’t know there were Tyburn nuns in Rome. Do you know the Tyburn convent in London – it’s situated at the end of the street down which the Martyrs were dragged to their terrible deaths. I have walked the Tyburn way many times ending up in the convent where the good sisters always put on a wonderful spread for the annual event. On one occasion I sat down next to an elderly gentleman who had also done the walk and to make conversation I said to him ‘I feel as if I’ve climbed Everest’ to which he replied modestly ‘I have – I was on the first expedition!!’ I felt rather foolish as you can imagine!

    I think we all remember where we were when Saint John-Paul II died. Interesting to know you were in St Peter’s Square which so many of us were watching on television at the time. I was in Reims watching the coverage until I became too tired to continue. I turned off the tv and shortly afterwards heard the bells of Reims Cathedral tolling and I knew his suffering was finally over. I am so glad I had the opportunity of attending Mass celebrated by Saint John-Paul when he came to England. Wonderful memories.

  5. Liz

    Aw, that’s where I got to meet Mother L! I have had such happy memories of that place and also the adorable chapel. Thanks for the beautiful walk down your memory lane. It’s so lovely! I hope and pray all is going well for you, Father.

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