Day One Part 1


From the airport to Termini, getting SIM and bus pass, bus to Argentina, tram to Mastai, straight into PISAI, I met with the director of

Islamo-Christiana and got the above issue, the most important and the most important book I’ll get in Rome at least on via negativa. It’s food for dealing with pagans, at least the occasion for doing so. To remind me of the ferocity necessary a raven showed up as I exited PISAI at tram 8.


Within seconds: The Synagogue of the ghetto, like a home away from home.


I love Rome.


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7 responses to “Day One Part 1

  1. pelerin

    Good heavens – you have arrived in Rome already! Have only just read your last email as had problems with it the last few days.

  2. SognPlaci

    You should go into the Roman Synagogue and make a prayer because it is a place where Christ appeared to Rabbi Zolli. It should be turned into a church.

  3. Angela

    gustare! In both senses of the word – enjoy!

  4. Father George David Byers

    @ SognPlaci – the Word became flesh. We should all be the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

  5. Donna Kaup

    Father we are so glad to see you made it to Rome safe and sound. Have a great time and know we are praying for you as well as the other Missionaries of Mercy.

  6. While your Raven reminds you of the ferocity necessary in this war of good against evil, isn’t it an encouraging sign as well? Look! It is more than half white – symbolic of victory?

  7. Father George David Byers

    The Raven fed Elijah! Ravens are loved by all hermits and all those close to Mount Carmel. :-)

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