Day Two Part 2


I’m sorry, but I was distracted at the Holy Door by the name above the door. I have so very much to write about him that I could just die. But then, I was saved by the very magnitude of our Lady’s pieta…


Looking across the basilica at this point, there he is… Saint Pius X. I belong to his exclusive society, that is, of those having received favors. A certain cardinal insisted that I leave my long used crutches at his altar, which I did. Thanks, Pius.


All is ready at the sagrato to receive the relics of padre Pio and padre Leopold. Lots of prayers here for friends and parish. Also Father Gordon and Pornchai Maximilian.


And more prayers here… John Paul II


And here… John XXIII


I’m so old that I remember his funeral…

“Who’s in charge of the Church?” I asked.

“God,” was the answer.

When JFK died, I asked, “Who’s in charge of the world?”

“God,” was the answer.

In all of our anguish, we should never forget the profundity of those answers, which, young as I was (born 1960) turned me into an instant theologian. These were profound experiences of God for me. Yes, God is in charge.

Anyway, I thank you all for your good prayers. It was a most excellent day. God was in charge, and is.


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3 responses to “Day Two Part 2

  1. Cathe D.

    It’s so wonderful to see all the interesting sites. Are you going to visit when St. Padre Pio’s remains arrive? (To be a fly on the wall…lol). I can see why you love being there. I remember when Pope Francis and Emeritus Pope Benedict blessed the Sts. Joseph and St. Michael Statues. Was that the St. Michael Statue that was newly installed a couple of years ago? Keep safe and keep well Father George. Thank you for the wonderful walk through Vatican City, etc. God bless you….cathy

  2. Father George David Byers

    Same St Michael,…

  3. Kathy Moreland

    Now I know what a blog is. Father how awesome Rome and our Holy Church is! We were wondering if you made it to your destination. Praise
    God for your prayers for all of us. We thank you for sharing with us.
    In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

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