Day Three Part 1


The ever ancient ever young Sacred Heart, who watches over the Pontifical Biblical Institute, where the motto is Verbum Domini manet in aeternum and whose symbol is the winged Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the alpha and omega, the star of David, the Eucharistic grapes, the codex of the words of the Word of God, always within reach of the keys of Peter, and Peter’s threefold mandate, was the only stop this morning.


One appointment was accomplished, visiting with the great Carlo: Carlo stat dum volvitur urbis! He updated the old cards with these.


Then I got to work photographing most of a super rare carbon paper hand corrected manuscript of someone who is considered to be a heretic by some traditional-ism-ists, but whose cause at the Causes of Saints has begun already decades ago. He does have deep doctrinal problems, but we have to remember the times in which he lived and the fact that he hadn’t read my thesis on Genesis, it being that he died before I was born!


I speak of Marie-Joseph Lagrange, OP, and work on the first chapters of Genesis, a work literally burned by his fellow Dominicans but put into the PIB library by a Jesuit friend and past rector of the PIB.


He is the only one in the modernist crisis to respect the inspiration of the Word of God and the people who were inspired. Alone.

I turn to him for help. He was silenced. He knows what it’s like keeping his integrity throughout. I was able to bear the fruit of his principles about the integrity of inspiration and respect for the Jews. I was also alone in this, among all of academia. All. The fruit was to see how reason and revelation and faith and history shed light on each other, all consonant beautifully with Trent and all magisterial interventions. But I’m still considered a heretic because I’m a troublemaker, going it alone with the Church. I must write on this now that I have a voice. Thanks Pope Francis.

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