Day Three Part 2


The translation of the relics of padre Leopold and padre Pio went very smoothly. Must have been the angels watching over us. Also the ratio of police to pilgrims seemed to be about 1 to ten. “Police” in this case includes all branches of the military, even the Italian coast Guard.


There was quite a crowd on hand.


Getting closer. As I say, the security was tight. I was frisked for weapons five times…


Lots of hymns and prayers. Very well done.


Getting dark…


Slow progress. Now night. Moving into the basilica…


Always resplendent!


At this point I stopped and prayed for ye all. I prayed that I and my fellow priests might be the best of confessors. Leopold and Pio, pray for us!


Going round the papal altar I couldn’t help but take this picture from underneath the baldecchino.


Padre Pio…


I think it bears repeating that Padre Pio was falsely accused and relentlessly persecuted by self-serving clerics. In the picture above, it looks as if St Helen is saying that Padre Pio was on the cross.

I was the very last one in the procession. And almost the last one out of the basilica from the main crowd. This is Archbishop Rino Fisichella making himself available to the pilgrims. He’s the one spearheading the Missionary of Mercy thing for Pope Francis.



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3 responses to “Day Three Part 2

  1. Liz

    Beautiful, Father. I really appreciate that you are sharing this with us! God bless you!

  2. Cathe D.

    Thank you so much Father George! I don’t mean to be prejudice but I much prefer the icon of the Holy Spirit that you have. With your Icon, I can feel the power and glory of God emitting from it. The pictures you took here are wonderful…I felt like I was there. God bless you Father George…cathy

  3. Mary Foley

    Love it! Thank you for your prayers Father and know I am praying for you and all our priests.
    God bless you and keep sending pictures!


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