Flores for the Immaculate Conception (furnace edition)


The grace of the indwelling of the Most Holy Trinity makes our souls more resplendently arrayed than even Solomon in all his splendor. But these earthen vessels are more fragile than even the lilies of the field. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Giving flowers to Jesus to give to His Blessed Mother is hard work. Picking, arranging, coordinating, logistics, cost, and… and… the extra effort so many forget in discarding the old withered flowers into the furnace.

To be a flower picked by Jesus to give to the Immaculate Conception is to recognize our own mortality, which many find hard to face. Doing the flower thing is to do the hard work of putting ourselves humbly and in thanksgiving before our Eucharistic King.

Bringing a flower to church today is about as hard as going to confession, right? But both should be done with humble thanksgiving and, in the end, great joy. As is tintinnabulated by all priests: Go to confession! that’s the best flowering flourishing of our souls that we can give to Jesus, to Mary. Our souls are then purified like gold in the ardent furnace of God’s love for us.

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