Day Five Part 2 – Mercy for the Face of Darkness


Does Pope Francis want to see a mercy so great that it would envelope even the likes of the Face of Darkness, Fr Giordano Bruno, OP? Yes, if he would have ever permitted this. He was burned to death here in the Campo de’ Fiori.

Thinking about this, and what Pope Francis has to say in his mandate to the Missionaries of Mercy, I chased off to San Lorenzo in Damaso to see a friend.


But first, The Friend in the Basilica, the One who lives below the half-dome window above the baldecchino.



His Mother is so sweet…


Ok. Now, upstairs…

We spoke at length about common friends, and then got into the subject matter of canon law and absolutions with terrifying intensity, that is, with the serenity of a crucified charity, perhaps 90 minutes. I didn’t feel too guilty stealing so much time from one of the most important canonists in the Church, since it was Sunday, after all. But more consultation is necessary. On the way down…



Next stop, central door, first floor up from the courtyard…

What a fright… I hope no one is writing out an interdict against me! It’s happened before. Same person I spoke with today. But even a face of darkness such as mine can be forgiven anything, hopefully avoiding being burned to death like Giordano Bruno, even if only to be burned to death like Lorenzo…


… though I deserve the former and am not worthy of the latter. Without the grace of Christ, I know that I would be the one lighting the flames to burn the great saints. Thank God for Jesus Christ who saves me from all of this (see Romans 7).


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2 responses to “Day Five Part 2 – Mercy for the Face of Darkness

  1. I too spent a few minutes with our mutual friend this morning, discussing common friends, chatting about all sorts of things, put in a word for you. Lucky you, 90 minutes! My ‘hour’ was brief – about 45 minutes.
    Great photos – love ’em.

  2. I wondered if you would see […] Father that is a lot of stairs. Be careful please. LOVE all of the pictures.

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