Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Mary-Go-Round edition)


Mary doesn’t understand. She’s not been, you know, around. She would never pay attention to me; she would never have time for me. And even if she did notice me, she would just as soon ignore me because I’m not up to her standard of holiness. And round and round the Merry-Go-Round we go, doing our best to rationalize staying put in our rationalizations of the sorry state we can find ourselves in while in this sorry world.

But here’s the deal: Mary has gone right around (her Mary-Go-Round) to notice all of us in all our sin, and all this with her purity of heart, her agility of soul, her most awesome maternal instinct, ever so solicitous for our eternal welfare, and all this by herself staying put right under the cross of her little boy (sons are always little boys of mothers, right?), seeing our need by seeing what our sin has done to her Divine Son. And she intercedes for us by uniting her Immaculate Heart to His Sacred Heart.

Today, we can jump off our Merry-Go-Round and be in solidarity with her Son with that Mary-Go-Round. Crux stat dum volvitur orbis. The Cross stands immoveable while the wold spins. Therefore: confession.

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