Day Seven Part 2


Going to the Holy Door procession with the Missionaries of Mercy.


Looking back and ahead…


All Missionaries of Mercy…



Here’s the Holy Door, the side of Christ, His pierced Heart…


After meeting with the Holy Father, we had a meal at the Paul VI audience hall. We had some fun. A bit of joy in the Lord…


I’ve raced inside here a 1000 times it seems at breakneck speed on my scooter, which I later sold to an official there at the CDF…


Just to make things difficult, I often entered and  left this way as well. Those were the days.



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3 responses to “Day Seven Part 2

  1. ennoh412

    Great pics Fr George! Its wonderful hearing all about the goings on in Rome and where you have been. Keep up the great work!

  2. Cathe D.

    In one of your pictures Father George, there were a number of young men by a statue. They look so lost and discouraged. Who are they?…
    Thank you for your wonderful pictures. I appreciate you including us in your special time there. God bless you…cathy

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