Sala Reggia with the Holy Father: The YouTube


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9 responses to “Sala Reggia with the Holy Father: The YouTube

  1. pelerin

    Thank you so much Father for letting us follow your important visit to Rome. Although I understood very little of the Holy Father’s speech to you all, it was good to see him there.

    The French Catholic tv channel KTO will be showing the special Mass tomorrow when he will be sending all the Missionaries of Mercy out back into the world. God bless you all! (It is on the KTO website on the internet at 16.30 French time – 15.30 in Britain)

    I am curious to know if every country is represented and if there are any English or French Missionaries of Mercy and wonder if there is a list somewhere on the internet as I have been unable to find one and have seen no mention on any Catholic blogs I follow here.

  2. Father George David Byers

    I don’t know if they will publicize the list…

  3. pelerin

    I was just wondering as I have seen nothing in the English press and wondered how someone who may have committed one of the sins mentioned could find one of the Missionaries of Mercy if no-one knows who they are. I know this is a hypothetical question but just curious.

  4. Father George David Byers

    We will see what they do

  5. Donna Kaup

    pelerin from what I have found the list of Missionaries of Mercy will be provided to each Bishop. Then I do not know if that is a list of all of them or just the ones in that diocese. It seems there is no list posted any where else.

  6. Donna Kaup

    Can someone find the mass and post where it is?

  7. Father George David Byers


  8. Kathy Moreland

    Thank you so much for everything Father. If you wish we can find a hotel for you prior to your trip back to the mountains.

  9. Father George David Byers

    What? Like I don’t have guardian angels…..

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