The Supreme Pontiff of Divine Mercy


Happy to be a priest of mercy in name if I can also be a priest of mercy in reality, possible only inasmuch as it is Jesus’ mercy who lives in me. Please, God that He makes it happen with me and with all the Missionaries of Mercy and all priests. This was my prayer with Peter, Leopold and Pio.


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4 responses to “The Supreme Pontiff of Divine Mercy

  1. Joan Furst

    Thank you so much, Fr. Byers, for allowing us to make this journey with you, through your posts and the gorgeous pictures. God bless you!

  2. Where is this? It is beautiful!!!

  3. Fr. George, you have brought us to the Vatican with you pictures and posts. I know that there are many who carry you in prayer. Divine Mercy is incredible isn’t it? Only Jesus our wonderful Lord could manage to bring us all to such a point in time so that we can see and almost touch and feel the excitement of His incomprehensible love, majesty and caring. Someday we will all be together without the constrains of this world. Till then we must persevere and ask Jesus to hold us in the safety of His Sacred Heart. All of the Missionaries of Mercy will do wonders! It is His will. God bless you all,
    especially #666. (Smile)

  4. Janice

    May the mercy of Jesus overflow in you and in all priests! God bless!

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