Day Eight Part 1 – Some good advice


2 1/2 hours of excellent advice from the very top canonists in the Church throughout Rome this morning. I am indebted to them. I thank them. More on this in future posts.

The above painting is in the room where, I guess, plenary sessions are held.

At this point, the number of hours of advice I’ve received is pretty much uncountable. Some of it was inconsistent, some contradictory, but generally speaking I am pushed in a certain direction and have to move forward.

What I have decided is, of course, what you would expect. Mercy and law are complementary of each other. Mercy is based on justice, as is law. Interesting, no?

Jesus, standing in our stead, taking the punishment we deserve because of sin, therefore has the right in His own justice to have mercy on us.

If there is a mysterium iniquitatis, there is also a mysterium misericordiae.

And that’s why Jesus will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire.


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6 responses to “Day Eight Part 1 – Some good advice

  1. Father George!!!! Is that you!!!??? I thought I lost you!!!

  2. Father George David Byers

    Back again. Glad to know you’re OK.

  3. Cathe D.

    Father George, I just read the latest writing from “These Stone Walls” where there is a guest post written by you from Rome. I don’t dare hope and be excited that you have broken through the bonds of evil that are causing so much injustice and suffering of innocent priests but in particular Father Gordon. Oh, I have prayed to the good Lord to send our Blessed Mother and her legions of angels to release Father Gordon just as St. Peter was released from prison by angels. You must be one of the angels Father George and St. Peter must have gotten to Pope Francis…lol. Is the report you gave going to help Father Gordon? I really hope so and soon. Thank you Father George for your help and not giving up on Father Gordon…..from cathy

  4. Father George David Byers

    Cathe D. – we shall see. I believe it will help priests defend themselves. With Fr Gordon, nothing has been done against his priesthood ecclesiastically. But this may help keep it that way.

  5. Cathe D.

    I know that being in prison is intolerable but to also lose his priesthood ecclesiatically would be devastating. I give thanks for these graces God bestows. In a real way, Jesus is suffering in him and enduring this difficult situation with him. God is so good and loving. We will keep praying. Thank you for your generous heart Father George.

  6. elizdelphi

    Lovely news.

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