Too sad! Bye bye Roma…


Piazza Venezia at the 46 capolinea. The 64 to Termini is just to the right of the far corner. I should have taken a picture of the otherwise obligatory snapshot of the wedding cake, as it is called, for it is really the Italian nation’s tomb of the unknown soldier. They call it the Altare della Patria.

Anyway, waiting for the 64 bus (I jumped on the 40), there was this view of Dodici Apostoli. Besides so many other things, this basilica is famous for its novena to the Immaculate Conception preached by whatever capable Cardinal happens to be on hand. The flowers for the Immaculate Conception are amazing.


The Ange, where science is able to beat down heresy. Wrap your mind around that and you’ll surely be one of the more astute people in the Church and the world. These pics taken on the bus.


The cross over the obelisk overshadowed by the flag of Italy tells the story of this view.


Via Nazionale.


The all too academic church of Saint Mary of the Angels and of the Martyrs.


John Paul II at Stazione Termini. This is my first time seeing this. The bus driver said that for however bad this is, it us actually much better than the original. He said it was ugly ugly ugly ugly ugly. Then he added a few more uglies.


The monument at the airport in honor of the brave souls who died trying to bring some peace to this shattered world.


My view for a while. I made it here in too good of a time.


While I am sad to leave Rome, I will be happy to be back in my parish family of faith. We’ll see how busy I get with Missionary of Mercy activities.


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2 responses to “Too sad! Bye bye Roma…

  1. sanfelipe007

    Although I infrequently commented on your travelogue, I enjoyed every word and picture of it! Thank you for letting me accompany you in this way. It was special to me.

  2. Donna Kaup

    Safe travels Father and it sure is good “the dream” didn’t come true. Maybe it was because you stayed with the Tyburn nuns and their many prayers kept you out of trouble. It will be good to have you back home too.

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