02 The Father Byers Kryptos: Pálimpsest! Pálimpsest! Whát does it meán? Treásure map! Treásure map! Whát can be seén?

trent session 4 treasure map

© 1998-2016 George David Byers

This “treasure map” is a follow up on 01 The Father Byers Kryptos: FBI>CIA. Will Pope Francis live or die? I guess the CIA doesn’t like my “FBI>CIA” line in the title. They visited even before I could put this up. Yes, CIA, you are loved as well. ;-) Anyway…

This is the essence of the Counter-Reformation. There are numerous steps to take in understanding the code of the codex. This is one of the most basic and far reaching, and difficult, but only because people don’t want to see what is right in front of them, what is inside of themselves. For an occasion of humility, see:

You have to know, it is in being confronted with the difficulties confronted in this treasure map where where the “reformers” got glazed eyes, but then charged ahead come hell or high water without the key which would have enabled them not to throw out seven books of the Old Testament and seven also from the New Testament. But no, charge away into self-referentialism they went. This is not to say that those who remained Catholic, so to speak, did any better, for it is here where some of the most brilliant minds of mankind also lost their faith, but this, mind you, due to no fault of what was right in front of them. They just couldn’t face what was inside of themselves. Having said all that…

This is also where the humble can rejoice in the family of faith. It is here where we see the glory of the Word become Flesh, the glory of the only begotten of the Father in His Sacrifice for us, bringing us from grace to grace. The weight of the glory of the Lord is pressing us down upon our knees in humble reverence and thanksgiving to Him who is coming to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire.

Let’s count those who understood the realities of this “treasure map” in the recent history of the Church:

  1. The fellow heading the congregations writing the first dogmatic (Sacrosancta) and then second disciplinary (Insuper) decrees of this, the 4th session of Trent, April 8, 1546, just some months after the fact (unfortunately) that Martin Luther died.
  2. Pope Sixtus V, as witnessed in his 11 page would-be-ex-cathedra papal non-bulla, non-Apostolic Constitution; we’ll get to that: be patient; it is impossible to understand it without figuring out firstly The Father Byers Kryptos. ;-)
  3. Saint Robert Bellarmine (only after decades of tumultuous difficulties and then a preemptive revelation from on high), along with his secretary, Andrea, S.J.
  4. Pope Paul V (only after the same shared preemptive revelation from on high)
  5. After many centuries of misunderstanding about Bellarmine, there is Leo XIII in his encyclical Providentissimus Deus, which agrees with what is seen in a most extraordinary fashion in the preceding Dei Filius of Vatican Council I (organized by his brother with, no doubt, insight from the future Leo)
  6. Saint Pius X, if we can derive this from his writings (and then don Dolindo Ruotolo, perhaps: such controversy!); not to mention the nemesis (to remain nameless)
  7. Yours truly, over against establishmentarian, merely politically correct, chicken-brain ecumenism that is an insult to all involved. This is not because I’m anything special, but only because I had the opportunity and means to investigate with the most extraordinary people to discuss findings, including a Cardinal who was to be second reader for a thesis on this topic. But, that’s another altogether dramatic story. Ecumenism done the right way, as evangelization, is essential.

This is a terrible situation. Everyone is dead who had ever understood this through the centuries, except me, which is totally unacceptable in that I will soon also go the way of all flesh. We need more who are willing even in our day to enter into this greatest of mysteries.

Hints about the treasure map:

  • Not all the arrows have the same internal strength
  • The “Vulgate”, as an intensely technical term here, refers to that period of time from the beginning (and we could take Saint Jerome’s work mandated by Pope Damasus as an example) until precisely April 8, 1546, but not a second later
  • If one does not have a strong sense of the family of faith, of humility, one will falter with glazed eyes and fade away or charge ahead with self-referentiality: if you cannot accept that the proof of original sin upsetting the family of faith is to be found in three words – “Look in yourself” – you will not be able to be drawn to the screamingly obvious solution
  • If I can find it, I will posting a long set of rules and translations helpful in following the treasure map, but I may not be able to get to this; all is chaos here for me in Andrews for the foreseeable future, but this treasure map should be enough for someone to be able to take in what is there as it is graphically presented (there are details there which escape a first glance)
  • Now that certain people are dead, I thought this would all become easier; instead, I find it has become more difficult, though not necessarily entirely impossible; it is simply up to the Lord’s providence and the angels

The question: What on earth, you might ask, has any of this to do with whether Pope Francis will live or die? Why on earth would there be categories and tags about Terrorism? It seems that this is the question in which the FBI is most interested, at least according to my ecclesiastical interrogator the other day: “Father Byers, you’re in trouble with the FBI. Where are you precisely, right now? Tell me NOW!”. We can add the CIA again as well. And they should be interested! Edmund Burke’s aphorisms hold true still today on a most epic scale. And this has everything to do with it. Divide and conquer is a most powerful weapon. I aim to reverse the divide part. After all, Christ has conquered. In the twitter “about” line to this blog, I say that it’s also about terrorism analysis. There’s going deep into it, and then there’s profoundly going into the causes. It makes you live on adrenaline.

The deniers will say: Revelation isn’t important. Who cares about the Bible? That’s over and done with. We’ve moved beyond that. Dialogue is the answer to the question. The Word made flesh? What on earth are you talking about? What is truth? Let’s celebrate the Reformation! The Thirty years war never happened. We rejoice in the togetherness we find in our divisions even today, especially today, since we’re the ones leading it all on into cosmic evolution today. We’re all nice always. Be nice!


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12 responses to “02 The Father Byers Kryptos: Pálimpsest! Pálimpsest! Whát does it meán? Treásure map! Treásure map! Whát can be seén?

  1. elizdelphi

    I again do not really gather how to solve the puzzle but I am looking at it.

    So Trent says dogmatically that the old vulgate edition (ie, St Jerome Vulgate) is the one to be received as sacred and canonical, and Vatican I also says that too, specifying that the old vulgate edition is THE inspired text of Scripture? This has something to do with the relationship of the Church and the Holy Spirit in birthing the Word? Yet the ability of the Church to bring forth a specific text that is not simply a human work approved by the Church, not simply an accurate reflection of revelation, but actually authored by God, is seemingly not even considered?

    There is a homeless man named Douglas who spends his days at the Adoration Chapel at my parish. He tells anyone who will listen that the Saint Joseph Edition of the New American BIble (has to be the St Joseph Edition, and cannot be the NABRE) is the one that is sacred and canonical (he doesn’t use that exact phrase), and he is extremely serious about that. It is the only Bible that has the correct form of “The Six Words” from 1 John 4:2 which are at the center of his faith life and convictions. He acknowledges that he knows the books of the Bible were originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, but says nevertheless the original language texts and all other version of the Bible are bedeviled; there never was a fully correct edition until the St Joseph NAB. He believes this because of private revelations he believes he has received and his whole life is dedicated to this for years. To me it is so sad and frustrating because his profound commitment to his quite obviously confused religious ideas keeps him in homelessness.

    Mentioning Douglas is not to belittle the idea that the old vulgate Bible IS THE inspired text of Sacred Scripture, an idea not familiar to me as a Catholic teaching but which I am capable of believing if it is. Actually I love it. But it does illustrate why the difficulty of people believing it would be great, since they think, why the old vulgate edition and not the St Joseph NAB? And actually I can think of why, but I am not sure how many people I could convince. Then there is the ecumenical/political problem that Latin is the sacred and ritual language of the western Church but not of all the Churches, and if the teaching is that the old vulgate Bible is the edition that has God as its author, that is beyond inconvenient.

    • Father George David Byers

      Thanks for that answer, elizdelphi. I am encouraged by the effort. And even more, your spectacular story about Douglas goes to the heart of the matter. There are many who believe that the King James Version (not sure which one) is the only inspired bible. Many Christian ministers, when reading from the bible, will first make an extended announcement about the version they are reading from. People have a sense that this is important. This encapsulates the entire Reformation/Counter-Reformation, followed by the 30 years war and genocides all over Europe.

      Anyway, the short answer to your question is: no. You’re missing a couple of hints in the treasure map. But I’ll write more extensively on that in future!

  2. Monica Harris

    Are you saying the terrorists are inside the Church, rather than an external threat?

  3. elizdelphi

    Well, both the protestants and the Catholics (including Sixtus V with his not-actually-promulgated version and Robert Bellarmine with the Clementine Vugate) undertook to issue a correct edition of the Bible, which however was not the old vulgate edition which was the one that had long been the one read in the Catholic Church and was the one that reflected the way the Church reads the Scriptures under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Bellarmine recognized the Clementine edition he worked on was imperfect and it says so in the Præfatio ad Lectorem (which I cannot find in English). That may be an example of the box in the map that has a dashed border; it was the product of the “insuper” disciplinary decrees that flow from the “sacrosancta” dogmatic understanding. It is useful and humanly well printed but is not the inspired text. Whether a Bible is the Clementine Vulgate, the KJV, or the Saint Joseph NAB, that is not the old Vulgate that the teaching of the Church refers us to as “the” inspired text to be used for teaching. The failure to attend to that and to respect that as not simply human prudence but the will of heaven which the Church infallibly reflects in her solemn teaching, has led to great confusion in Biblical interpretation. Other editions are considered authoritative and so people’s understanding of the real relationship of the Bible to the Church is undermined and unity is undermined and protestants and Douglas alike are left homeless.

    But I am counting on Monica, because I feel like my efforts to understand on this particular level (one level of the “palimpsest) are different from solving the puzzle, and I am not certain how well I am understanding even on the level I am looking at it. I am still thinking about the meaning of the treasure map.

    That which is “in ecclesia catholic legi consueverunt” (the real inspired text of scripture, as highlighted in the map by the double border–what is read in the Catholic Church precedes becoming “the Bible”) is that which is “in veteri vulgata editione latina habentur” and vice versa. This is the dogmatic teaching. From what is “in veteri vulgata editione latina habentur” flows the diciplinary teaching of Trent (which also supports the veteri vulgata editione), that which is “haec ipso vetus et vulgata editio, quae longo tot saeculorum usu in ipsa ecclesia probata est” which I think means that the old vulgate edition which has been in long use in the Church is the approved one. And in practice that means which is “emendatissime imprimatur” (faultlessly printed), i.e. sacred Scripture, especially the old vulgate edition. This has a dashed line because it is the available but admittedly imperfect form of the double-border inspired scripture. Am I catching on at all?

    • Father George David Byers

      @ elizdelphi- getting closer. Let me see if I can’t find those rules. They are in a safe! Perhaps by this evening…. Good work!

  4. So this must be the reason we were told NOT to read the bible back in the 50’s and 60’s. We thought it was because the nuns and priests thought we would not interpret it correctly. Now I am beginning to think they were concerned about more than our interpretive and or translation skills. This mystery is beyond me I am afraid. All I can add is that the enemy is alive and well and certainly puts a lot of effort into trying to mislead the sheep. It never occurred to me that the Bible would be purposely be mistranslated.

    I have seen some of this kind of ‘improvement’ of church teaching and ‘encouragement’ to modernize. I was told, ‘you have a childlike faith – you are an adult! You need an adult faith! I resist to this day that kind of rhetoric. I fall back on, “Jesus I trust in You!” Because I am not a scholar or theologian.

    I’m following this though and find it terribly interesting.

    • Father George David Byers

      @ joisygoil – what a scandal being told NOT to read the bible! That was not the case when I great up in 1960s Minnesota. Just to be clear, Sixtus V would NEVER have purposely misdone anything with the Sacred Scriptures. He’s by far one of the greatest Scripture Scholars of the Church. He was wrong about another thing, but NOT translation. Also, my dear joisygoil! It is when a scholar or theologian stops saying “Jesus I trust in You!” that all problems begin. If this isn’t about Jesus, then… YIKES! You’re right on target.

  5. Monica Harris

    Does part of this, and of course with your vast knowledge of old languages, have to do with the battles of translation around ST Jerome’s time–with Hebrew and Greek? and things getting erased and written over?
    To be honest, I have no idea how the Catholic Church figures out what is true and of God and His divine revelation.
    And I thank elizdelphi for deciphering/highlighting the dotted and double line stuff!

    • Father George David Byers

      @ Monica Harris – To be clear: This is NOT about translations, even the Vulgate. This is about “textual criticism”, which is more about the palimpsest kind of thing that copyists mess around with. You say, “I have no idea how…” but you need only read especially the first decree CLOSELY using the treasure map. I’ll put up my own pedantic translation of Sacrosanta and the rules for the treasure map later today.

  6. Monica Harris

    Ah, so. I am wondering if the verb tense “consueverunt” is pertinent then. But thank you for explaining the source of the treasure map.

    • Father George David Byers

      @ Monica Harris – see if you can “re-box” the quotes in English and then see what’s going on… I would be very happy if someone else could see this and have the emotion of discovering it, as also that helps…

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