Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Don’t look at me edition)

flores tm2

With purity of heart and agility of soul, do some discernment. This might take a moment in prayer. Be patient. Look at the flower. Now, if you were to reduce it to looking at it, wouldn’t that be terrible? You would if you could, at that point, rattle off facts about photosynthesis and color, about formation and availability of light, about pollination and cooperation in nature, droning on and on, but in the end, left cold, with nothing.

But, if you say, “Oh my good Creator of all things! Praise be to you for your wisdom and goodness and kindness and providence!” well then the flower (and anything else for that matter), will have done its work and you will have gained much for your soul.

In the same way, when we look to the Immaculate Conception, to her whom all generations will call blessed, if we stop there we would be reduced to manufacturing pseudo-revelations which are all about self-referentiality. So, we don’t  stop there; we don’t so much look to Mary as to the glory of God shining through her, and to Christ our God, resting in her arms. And then we praise our Heavenly Father for his great, great love, He who loved the world so much as to send His only begotten Son, He who loved the world so much as to have Mary stand under the Cross manifesting that love. And we are brought to our knees in the reverence of humble thanksgiving before Him who is to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Amen.

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