This is for the birds! Let the Spring cleaning wars begin!


Houston, we have a problem. We’ve been seen.

I know it might be getting on toward Autumn where some of you are, while some of you are still in the silent dead of Winter. But here in Western North Carolina, it’s getting on toward Spring mighty quickly. The birds and the bees are impatient. And, as cute as they are, they can cause real trouble. Maybe a bird-house is in order. But what kind for this kind? Do you have any Spring Cleaning stories?


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4 responses to “This is for the birds! Let the Spring cleaning wars begin!

  1. elizdelphi

    It’s a wren, I think a Carolina wren. Yes they will use a bird house!

    • Father George David Byers

      But, like, a multi-apartment bird house, or a single one, on a pole, attached to the house…

  2. Nan

    I sent you a birdhouse article. It seems they prefer single family predator inaccessible homes.

  3. Looks like someone needs to put up the rest of the bird wire to keep them out from under your eaves.

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