Update: Recon

the other gorge

Since the engine fell out of one of my trucks, literally, like, pretty much right on to the road, and it’s now in the shop, I’m using my 1987 backup pickup today. Using Pope Francis vehicles makes life exciting!

Hundreds of miles are in store. Some good discussions ahead. What a fright! Meanwhile, I’m hoping someone will be able to write a sentence about the “how” of the treasure map in another post well known to you. 03 The Father Byers Kryptos: Rules for the Treasure Map And meanwhile again:

Update: Recon: to do up some reconnaissance / reconnoître. I came away from all that terribly sad. I’m just blown away. I am dumbfounded.


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2 responses to “Update: Recon

  1. elizdelphi

    I want to get back to the treasure map but have been busy! I looked at part of the Mount Carmel stations last night, which I found very moving (though can you explain the music?) and want to come back to watch the whole thing.

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