Update: Suicide: “two knives to the heart.” Trending murder of priests for $$$?

seven dolors

“Brother Stephen Baker, the friar at the center of the abuse allegations, killed himself in 2013 — with two knives to the heart.”

… “two knives to the heart” …

Yeah… right… suicide… sure… two knives… to the heart… two…

Sorry, but, that just raises some doubts about the autopsy. Was there one? Any forensics? Maybe a bit of messing around with all that?

Did law enforcement cover up a murder so that there would be no investigation? No due process? Just some questions. I don’t know. It’s just that the two knives thing with a suicide claim bothers me. The suicide claim so as not to have to deal with the complexity of murder is commonplace.

Is this a new trend starting up? Murder a priest; call it a suicide so that there’s no due process possible but the guy looks guilty of whatever misdeed; then get money? Sounds like some serious RICO. In dubio, pro reo.

But maybe they were itsy bitsy one inch blade key-chain knives! Or an itsy bitsy one followed by a butcher knife! I can’t imagine that.

switchbladeLook, I’m not saying he didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know. But I do know that pushing a knife into your own heart is pretty much impossible. When’s the last time you heard of someone in real life doing that? People find other ways. But a second knife? I mean, have you ever seen the state someone is in when he has a knife in his heart? On the floor, right?

switchbladeIf it was you, you just wouldn’t get a second knife. You can’t move. If you do, the knife moves, and you die instantly. You would just mash the first one around, ending it that instant, or take it out, ending it that instant. But a second knife? I can’t see it: “Let me see… which knife should I use now?” No. The most probable scenario is that two people attacked him, having each agreed to shove a knife in his heart like he was some sort of sacrifice, perhaps knowing in advance that the murder would be covered up as a suicide.

MAFIA OMERTAIf it’s not a suicide, but a murder, possibly purposely covered up, then, what else might be wrong with this story? Just a question. Look, I’m not trying to cast doubt on anyone, not even on the multitude who jumped into the fray afterward. Maybe he admitted to guilt to those making the settlements. I’m just asking some questions trying to get at the truth. These settlement procedures almost always have zero due process. Treating most all cases with no due process leads to such scenarios as murder for ease of getting settlement money (even if this case actually was a suicide, which I just can’t imagine it was). I promise to edit or take down this post if it is proven to me that this could not possibly have been a murder, that it had to be a suicide. Anyway, the death really makes the settlements conveniently easier.

Update: Question: There were about a dozen accusers. After that, it was decided to make settlements. After that, the suicide which I think may be a murder took place. After that, about another 100 accusers jumped on the case. If it turns out to be a murder (and the suicide claim may just be a ploy by the police to see who has done what), I wonder if the first accusers or the bandwagon accusers or others on the side who might have an interest in big dollars might be investigated for murder or conspiracy in murder or some such implication in the murder itself, and go to prison until they die. Just wondering. Really, the two knives in the heart bothers me.


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9 responses to “Update: Suicide: “two knives to the heart.” Trending murder of priests for $$$?

  1. Back in the early 70’s I had a next door neighbor woman who ‘committed suicide’ with a shotgun (to the head) in her mother’s bedroom. She was just a little over 5′ tall. I always wondered about that. He boyfriend was the one who found her. (The rest of her family were away that the beach) He stopped by because they had broken up earlier that day and he was ‘worried about her’… Maybe it’s just me, but that always made me wonder.

    It also scared all the little kids in the neighborhood – they all thought she was going to turn into a ghost.

  2. pelerin

    Very sad. It reminds me of the death of a Priest I read about a few years ago. His parishioners loved and respected him and as far as they knew he had no problems. He died in a particularly horrible manner which seemed to indicate that he was murdered and yet the verdict was suicide.

  3. It definitely sounds like someone may be concealing a homicide.

    Does anyone have access to (or copies) of the death investigation reports?

  4. Sadly enough, it might be a message of open season on priests; the Church is perceived as an early mark or gravy train. Our moral panic needs to stop and we need to look at what’s really happening and try our best to stop it. We begin with prayer but I don’t even know where to start with this dilemma. How do we stop criminals, whether lay or priestly, and how do we stop thugs from bleeding us dry?

  5. If there is now a Murder Inc for priests to streamline settlement money for con artists, we really need to put a stop to this.

    • Father George David Byers

      “Murder Inc.” It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think I can be sued for libel as I have a really well founded opinion, but I think that “Murder Inc.” is entitled TNCRRG (The National Catholic Risk Retention Group), owners of their education arm, VIRTUS(R). It seems to me they set up the structures which make this possible in society and rake in a living while doing it. In fact, I wish they would sue me, as then I could get it all on the record and get the message out better. It all seems like RICO to me. Just my opinion.

  6. Nan

    Yeah, you’re entitled to your opinion, no matter who’s uncomfortable with it.

  7. Monica Harris

    This explains a lot…..if you are correct in your opinion. Thank you for your courage!

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