Today: wonderful distractions of mercy

smoky mountains

Today was corporal work of mercy day: bring an elderly parishioner to the hospital day. I never tire of the mountains. You would think the red tone to the forest above is reminiscent of Autumn, but instead those are trillions of buds you are looking at, with the trees in foreground exploding in praise of our gracious Creator, the Almighty. We had to make it over the top of the far ridge, where one finds the ultra-famous Parkway, where bears and wolves and elk reign supreme.


The view from the hospital, well, a specialized clinic right next to the hospital. Dotty, the 1987 Toyota no-longer-just-a-backup pickup, is the tiny black truck, 3rd one in, a bit hard to see. She’s pretty humble next to the other monster vehicles next to her.

Right now, as the sun sets in EST USA, I have to get Father Gordon’s post edited up to send off to Australia for further editing and publishing on TSW in just about 6 hours time. That’s another work of mercy, is it not, visiting the imprisoned kind of thing? I think so. I think we all do much more than we think. Jesus said so to the incredulous crowd on His right when they protested that they never saw Him anywhere to do something good to Him: “Whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done for me.” I don’t all consider Father Gordon to be the least among us. He’s a hero to me, a priest’s priest. But many don’t. So? I’ll stand next to him in all solidarity any day.

In a previous post, I mentioned putting other things in a pot of water to give to the Immaculate Conception besides flowers. Here’s an example of a tree right next to the rectory. These are not flowers. Just budding leaves. I’m the kind who would rip off just a small branch or two to put in the mix. Is there someone in your parish who puts such things before our Lady, returning to make sure all is fresh and proper?

red bud tree

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