“Guardian Angel!”

guardian angel

I call my guardian angel: “Guardian Angel.” He knows who he is.

I’m amazed at people who say they know the name of their guardian angel, almost always some epic name just like New Age “channelers” of the 1990s “channeling” only super-epic or super-mysterious figures, or like the pioneers of modern genealogies some decades ago, who always found people having ancestry with royalty or with world conquerors of politically correct origins.

I am also incredulous at people who give their guardian angel a cute nickname as if they were pet dogs because they really don’t believe that guardian angels are with us, because, I don’t know, I guess they think Jesus is a liar. Guardian angels for them are fluffy and nice, chiffon and pastel, or perhaps a dolphin… They are afraid, I think, of thinking that God would care for us so much as to send a guardian angel to us. That jacks up the stakes. We had better pay attention to our guardian angels, who want to teach us that God loved the world so much as to send us His only begotten Son…

Do some angels have names? All of them do. I’m guessing we don’t know any of them. Those who are named in the Scriptures seem to have titles so as to make it easy on us who couldn’t possibly understand their real names, at least not until heaven. For instance:

  • Gabriel: The Great War Hero of God
  • Michael: Who is Like unto God
  • Raphael: Doctor of God

In heaven, please God we get there, we will each receive a name known only to Jesus and ourselves. The first time we will hear that name, it seems to me, will be when we enter into heaven, when He calls that name, and we will know the Most Holy Trinity even as we are known, as the Apostle says. But now, we could not possibly bear hearing that name; we could not continue to live.

Anyway, before original sin, Adam was able to name the angel who was the Oracle of God, the most intelligent of all creatures, much more so than Adam. As we know, that Oracle, the ancient dragon, later fell from that position. And after original sin, what do we know about anything? Really, not much.

Could we give a title instead of a name to our guardian angels? Names and titles are pretty much interchangeable with each other in the days of yore. But again, what do we know about anything? We would never get it right. So why try? We should ask our guardian angels for assistance, and it makes it easier for us to call on someone using a name or title. Yes, that’s true. So, why not just use the title Jesus implied for us: guardian angel. See Matthew 18:10-14.

I call my guardian angel: “Guardian Angel.” He knows who he is.



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5 responses to ““Guardian Angel!”

  1. sanfelipe007

    “I call my guardian angel: ‘Guardian Angel.’ He knows who he is.”

    So do I.

  2. Father George David Byers


  3. Colena

    Love your posts Father. Glad to see you back with a new blog. Your posts help me alot with the faith. God bless you.

  4. I found addressing my Guardian Angel as “Guardian Angel” too awkward after some years, so I finally assigned him a handle to use in the interim.

  5. Father George David Byers

    @ bononomo – a “handle” or nickname is entirely different from naming outright. Just be aware that he’s mightily able to come up with nicknames for you too. They have a great sense of humor. They have to.

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