Whiskey’s tango? The most dangerous thing since Satan’s Judas?

  • The power to brainwash?
  • The power to blackmail, extort?
  • The power to convict the innocent?
  • The power to make leaders into puppets?
  • The power to control, oppress and terrorize?
  • The power to take away the most basic hope and trust?

It’s real time. Real time hijacking of broadcasts? Moving backgrounds are identical. Which version is real? Imagine a State of the Union is highjacked and just a couple of words are changed, putting some things into motion. Even if caught by the end, the loss of trust in anything would be immediate.


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6 responses to “Whiskey’s tango? The most dangerous thing since Satan’s Judas?

  1. Maria

    These are the times we live in… and when we don’t trust God and have little faith we are apt to fall for anything. Luring and deceitful Satan is always up to new tricks. God grant us courage and wisdom to resist.
    BTW… attended your Mass yesterday morning…Father George you are a true blessing to the corner of WNC! Amazing, memorable Palm Sunday! God Bless you!

  2. pelerin

    Wow – I always knew photographs could be altered by removing or adding people to them but I never realised that moving film could be manipulated in this way. It really is quite scary and should make us all the more wary at what we believe we see and hear.

  3. Angela

    Wow! That does not seem to be a good thing! Good thing I don’t watch tv and very rarely any video links (your’s was an exception 😉).

  4. elizdelphi

    St Clare of Assisi, patroness of television, intercede for us.

  5. sanfelipe007

    The word “target” has a very familiar use in programing, databases, etc. But I found the use of the word “target” in the context of this video most chilling.

  6. Father George David Byers

    With this comment, you live up to your 007 appellative.

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