Conspiracies are not non-existent merely because they are conspiracies


Update: Charlene will be happy. Trident has been taken to the pound in hopes of finding the owner. ///

The EMT/Fire Department/Road Construction neighbor, in cahoots with another family among the neighbors who work and volunteer at the animal shelter in Marble, caught another dog on the loose (not from the puppy mill) and, because it’s after hours, brought it over to the rectory because I have a little fenced in area, you know, just for night, they say, while also bringing food and a food dish and a water dish. I know what they’re up to. It’s a conspiracy. To those who dismiss conspiracies just because they are conspiracies, you’ll just have to get over it, because that’s what it is. “Father George needs a dog!” I have to wonder if my guardian angel is in on the conspiracy.

She, fully a “she” by the way, which would have to be “fixed” around this part of the country, has a collar, but with no name, no number, no medical tattoos. There could be a chip. They’re coming back in the morning to grab her and bring her off to the animal shelter so as to put her through the process of looking for a possible owner. They’re leaving it up to me, of course, but the conspiracy was not at all hidden. They were having a really good time of it, laughing about it when I said, “I know what you’re all up to!” I’m afraid they’re going to keep bringing me dogs until I accept one. This one is super smart. Super gentle. Not an unnecessary barker, but instantly super protective. Hmmm…

Just to say, I went by the place whence a possible pure-bred German Shepherd puppy might come my way, but I didn’t stop when I was reminded just how big they can get. Wikipedia says 75 pounds for males, less so for females, but she said she has one at 120 pounds, and not overweight! They were enormous, and would never fit in my little trucks.

The one pictured above is mid-size at full grown puppy size. Whatever else this is, it is in large part “hound-dog”, that is, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, that is, a Lion Dog, the hell-dog of all dogs not because it’s from hell, but because it can stare hell in the face and take it on and win easily. The smartest and most ferocious of all dogs, though best as a watch dog, not a guard dog. These are simply way too active. Super gentle to the owner and to others if socialized. This dog is a few inches short of the standard, standing only 20 inches at the shoulder. The curved back brings her to 22 inches. She holds her head high.

“This is the Navy Seals of dog breeds and can keep up with a running horse for 30 miles.”

Extremely protective, extremely loyal, extremely active. This would have been the perfect dog for me at the hermitage, and was, as Laudie-dog was another example of the same, except not quite as pure-bred as this one, so just a bit more on the quiet side, until actual lions and bears and wolves came along. Nothing like that here, except for the human kind. I just couldn’t give this dog the attention and unstoppable exercise and training it must have. On the other hand, maybe this would be just the impetus to get me to exercise a bit.

If I were to keep this dog, I would name her Trident.

I am always thankful to the Navy Seals for the protection they offered to me back in the day. Anyway, to the point, there’s always an analogy to be made:

  • Sometimes there are good conspiracies. Indeed. We have seen them.
  • Sometimes there are evil conspiracies. Indeed. We have seen them.

Considering that last point, you do remember that the gates of hell shall not prevail, right?


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13 responses to “Conspiracies are not non-existent merely because they are conspiracies

  1. Charlene C. Duline

    How do you think Laudie-Dog will feel if you adopt this mutt dropped off on your doorstep so to speak?! I am speaking for Laudie-Dog when I say no, no, no way should you adopt that part Rhodesian Ridgeback! She will be huge and will probably eat you up if you scare her or just feed her! Laudie-Dog is a gentle soul who saved you from zombies, wolverines, badgers and the like! BE GRATEFUL!
    Hugs to Laudie-Dog.

  2. She’s a beauty. You could do lots worse. “Sides, as you said, it’s all about Jesus and I know He knows everything – maybe He was in on the conspiracy too. (the exercise will do you good.)

  3. elizdelphi

    I have to LOL. I googled and found that “This is the Navy Seals of dog breeds and can keep up with a running horse for 30 miles.” is a real quote from various pages describing the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

    For some reason “I would name her Trident.” is hilarious.

    What if she doesn’t really have any Rhodesian Ridgeback in her, is that a counterindication?

  4. pelerin

    Father, you say that you think they will keep on bringing you dogs until you accept one. I think you are right there! Although more of a ‘cat person’ myself, from the photo I do think she is a beauty and would appreciate a good home.

    Curious about your choice of name ‘Trident’ – does she only have three legs?!!! One of my friends has recently adopted a three legged ‘rescue’ cat and called it Recusare. When she told the Priest he burst out laughing!

  5. Father George David Byers

    Trident is the symbol of the Seals.

  6. pelerin

    I am going to have to look that up as I have no idea what the Seals are.

    Just another thought – the dog looks well cared for with alert ears , a nice coat and a clean collar. If you were to adopt her temporarily and get some publicity in a local newspaper perhaps her owner would find out. They could be very upset at having lost her. Of course if she is chipped then problem solved. (This week in England they have just passed a law to make all dogs chipped.)

  7. Father George David Byers

    The animal shelter takes care of that.

    Navy seals special warfare development group DEVGRU.

  8. pelerin

    Have just googled ‘SEALS’ and see that it is the US equivalent of our SAS. Thanks for enlarging my knowledge of the world!

  9. Claire Dion

    Big mistake naming her–now you own her which I think is not such a bad idea.

  10. Nan

    Laudie-dog won’t mind. She needs to stay on the mountain to keep the neighbors and the Hermitage safe. She’s isn’t a town dog.

  11. Father George David Byers

    Neither is this one, though she is not pure-bred and so not as absolutely frantically active. As adults (as this one almost is) they calm down quite a bit.

  12. Mary E.

    This is one conspiracy I would not be embarrassed to participate in.

    She has a noble look about her. And a lovely color.

  13. Nan

    What happens if the pound doesn’t find her owner?

    pelerin, I think a dog fits best with Father; he doesn’t have the time for a cat to properly train him. Your training may have been so long ago that you’ve forgotten, cats have staff.

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