Pope Francis and Holy Communion

pope francis youtube

This is the moment, 24:08, when Pope Francis says this:

“The great preoccupation of the majority of the mass media: ‘Ah, the divorced and remarried can go to Communion’ [said with sarcasm], and I, I not being a saint, this gave me a bit of irritation, but then, a little dissidence. Because I think that that [mass] media [outlet] which says this, this, this, does not understand that that is not the important problem.”

He goes on to explain what the big problems are with the family, like lack of work.

Holy Father, dearest Holy Father… As a Missionary of Mercy I would like to have the opportunity to interview you about Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, as you might find the solutions to all the problems you speak about with Him, who will come to judge the living and the dead and world by fire. Please, Holy Father. Have mercy.

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One response to “Pope Francis and Holy Communion

  1. Cathy

    I absolutely hate to say it, but the Holy Father’s response reminds me of liberals who say that pro-lifers only worry about babies being born, not about what happens to the babies after they are born. We have a duty to defend and protect innocent nascent life in the womb, we lack the authority to demand that resources be provided for the child’s upbringing and care after he is born. It is not that we do not care, our authority and duty is limited, but it is of extreme importance. Our Holy Father has a direct duty, and has authority and grave responsibility to defend and protect Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. He can care about work, but his authority in this area is limited.

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