Amoris laetitia 351: moving of priests

cat memory shell game

Since neither the Holy Father nor any of his recommended commentators will say exactly what footnote 351 means, every priest is likely to do something with couples which is entirely different from the consciences of other priests. But priests are moved regularly from parish to parish, so that couples will receive one pastoral solution and then another and yet another contradictory pastoral solution, succeeding in nothing but jerking people around, doing them a horrific disservice, really pushing them to hate the Church in all bitterness and cynicism. Rare would be the couple who will get priest after priest who will all have the same pastoral approach. Really, it’s just not going to happen. This is a grave mistake on the part of the Holy Father to let this stand. It’s my duty as his faithful son to say this. A shell game is not my idea of fun when it comes to the salvation of souls who really need to be in heaven instead of hell. Jesus’ redemption of marriage by His own marriage to His Bride the Church at the Last Supper and Calvary isn’t a game.


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10 responses to “Amoris laetitia 351: moving of priests

  1. elizdelphi

    Good priests need to preach personal responsibility to respond to the call to holiness. It is the responsibility of individuals to seek to form their conscience in keeping with the teaching of the Church and to live the truth in Christ, in integrity. Couples shopping around to find a priest who doesn’t care enough about souls to guide them rightly have a fundamental problem in their relationship with God. Having a good priest is an immense help, and having a bad priest can be a huge hindrance. But bad priests cannot keep people out of heaven who are truly determined to cooperate with Grace.

  2. The problem, Elizabeth, is that a lot of people got that watered down faith formation (used to be called CCD) and they won’t know the whole truth or recognize it. Shopping around is for the spiritually savvy. There are too many out there who do not know the truth (through not real fault of their own) so they will believe what they are told. Then later as Father says if there is a contradiction what will they do? Give up probably and do what they ‘think’ is right.

    So now the question is – because they never got the the real info does that exonerate them? If they think they are doing what is right?

  3. PS I love the kitty – looks like my late, beloved Pinky.

  4. Fr. Christensen

    You speak the truth good Father. Pray for me.

  5. Nan

    joisygoil, I don’t understand. I’m a product of CCD through second grade and have been told that I had better catechesis than contemporaries who went all through the religious education and were confirmed.

    Then again, I wasn’t yet in CCD when I knew the important things.

  6. elizdelphi

    I was born in 1978 and got watered down CCD, decided in 6th grade that it was inexplicable why people believed in this, and lost my faith. But my desire for God would not go away and I found Him again by trying to pray and by reading the writings of the Saints and eventually coming home to the Church and the Sacraments. Now I teach catechism in order to try to impart to 6th graders the knowledge and faith that wasn’t handed on to me effectively. Obviously in the meantime I undertook to really learn my Catholic faith for the first time. I happened to land with good priests and I admit that helped, particularly because there were people who challenged my acceptance of the secular view of things and made me keep thinking and learning. And, I think it may be that some people can more easily than others sort out what is authentic Catholic teaching and what isn’t. But it is also true that God is truth and He made us for Himself so I don’t finding the truth all hinges on luck or on having exceptional intellectual powers.

  7. S Thorfinn

    I have to admit I enjoy priest reassignment season — you find out about young priests getting their first assignment as pastor, well-deserved “retirements”, hermits coming down from the hills, and so on. How much priests enjoy the season I am not so sure; probably it’s an exercise in trust & obedience.

  8. alshill

    So grateful for your words. Prayers to the Blessed Mother for you, for the priesthood…..

  9. ah1228

    Grateful for your words, Father. A rosary today for you, for the priesthood….

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