Dearest Pope Francis, Your Holiness…


Since you rejected this Missionary of Mercy’s request for an interview on Amoris laetitia some days ago, I guess I’ll just have to fall back on speaking at your invitation with parrhesia about Amoris laetitia. I’m happy with that, and grateful for the opportunity. And thanks for letting me make the request. I know you’re terribly busy. Just to say…

You might want to know some of the reaction among priests to your refusal to speak to footnote 351 during the press conference on your return from Lesbos the other day. These are some of the most brilliant priests in North America, on fire with love for Jesus. They say that if you were to make a change in the law, which you have not done up to now, they might have to withdraw from pastoral situations until the next successor of Peter was elected. The hypocrisy into which they would be thrust would simply not be a viable service to the Lord Jesus in their opinion, you know, absolution for those who do not want to repent and Communion for those who do not discern the Body of the Lord, preaching repentance and then saying it doesn’t really matter, because Jesus doesn’t care, because the important thing for marriage, that really goes to heart of it all, as you say, is work. It is crystal clear that there are those among the episcopacy who will not tolerate any dissent. How many priests will be thrown into the dumpster?


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6 responses to “Dearest Pope Francis, Your Holiness…

  1. elizdelphi

    In happier times the CDF used to issue authoritative interpretations of what things meant (even though in those times Popes expressed themselves clearly). Those were the good old days.

    There have to be confused bishops and indeed Cardinals asking him to clarify. As far as has come to light, he has not answered even them.

  2. Pam

    Father Byers, I read all of your posts about Amoris Laetitia. And I believe you are right about every aspect of your various comments. I am seeing articles and comments all over the place, discussing the “problems” with this document and its underlying consequences. I just don’t see how any “hermeneutic of continuity” folks are going to be able to keep it up.

    As you say, if one loves the Trinity, loves Jesus above everything else, what else could be the reaction to all this than huge pain and grief, for His sake, for the sake of souls who may continue to be lost, for faithful priests who are going to be put into impossible situations.

    I get so tired of “experts” and theologians and others who expend their energy and their brain power arguing and looking at this in almost a “political” way. It just seems to me that so many want to keep these things on a level where they don’t have to face the reality at the core of it all.

    If we aren’t already at this point (which I believe we are), then how can it not eventually dawn on people — priests and laymen who are truly faithful to Him are going to to be put in situations where they will have to make choices and decisions. I’m not talking about sedevacantists or any of that stuff. I already realize that I do not know about my parish priest (we moved and have one parish within an over-30-mile radius). I know enough about the Archbishop of our Diocese that I have to be very careful about listening to him. I moved from a big metro area where I experienced different priests and Bishops saying totally different things (Arlington Diocese/DC Diocese)

    I just believe that, not only this document, but all of the last decades, are painting a picture that is so big that we can hardly take it all in. But I also believe that the Truth in us is informing us. I see all these things as, possibly, a call to each of us to go deeply into our prayer life, where we may be better able to hear the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We may actually be entering a time which cannot be explained by pointing at past history in the Church. I don’t know that. I can say this, though. I have spent some years now going further in my daily prayer times. Physical problems keep me from being a physically active person. As the years have passed and my times of praying have increased, the sense that what the Church is experiencing is a very big thing has also exponentially increased. I am at the point where I am just hanging onto my Lord, as if I am prostrate on the floor before Him clutching the hem of His robe.

  3. Father George David Byers

    Yes. Yes. Yes. To all you said.

  4. Thank you for openly stating what so many good, holy priests are saying . . . suffering these days!

  5. Pam

    To Cathy above…I read the article. Either his points are true, or I do not understand Jesus. I have had to do these very hard things in my family, with my own children and my stepdaughter. I have had to outright say to them directly, or indirectly by refusing invitations, etc., that God must come first in my heart and my life…even ahead of being a mother. I have cried a million tears, prayed thousands of prayers, had to endure their anger or their misunderstanding. Unrepentant sinners cannot understand these things no matter how carefully or lovingly you try to explain them. Following Jesus is not for the weak, and He has put me in positions over and over again where I have had to choose. I pray to God I have done things according to His will.

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