Pentecost in this little parish

Holy Spirit Saint Peter Window

Today, Pentecost, we had First Holy Communion. Extraordinary. The Holy Spirit sets us on fire with ardent love of Jesus, making us the members of His Mystical Body, bringing us through, with and in Jesus to be given as a gift by Jesus to our Heavenly Father. The Holy Spirit forms us into being one with Jesus through the Sacraments. The Holy Spirit was sent to us for the forgiveness of sins. We receive the new breath of life (breath of the living ones) from Jesus when we receive Him worthily in Holy Communion, His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. The Holy Spirit keeps us living with sanctifying grace, the indwelling of the Most Holy Trinity. Come, Holy Spirit! Fill the hearts of your faithful, and enkindle in them the fire of your love!


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  1. HELEN


  2. elizdelphi

    Beautiful! We have Confirmation here today.

    I had dinner with the Confirmation teachers yesterday evening and it was saddening. The lead teacher of the pair, a college student who is very devout and earnest about her faith, had told me how concerned she was that some were deeply resistant to going to confession to prepare for Confirmation. Over dinner I found that they hadn’t taught the kids about sanctifying grace or various other things they need to know to understand and live their faith as adults, such as the necessity of marrying in the church. Her belief was apparently that if the kids were simply devoted to Mary then they would be okay, and so she had tried to make them love Mary; I told her that it is very possible to love Mary, wear a Brown Scapular and pray the rosary every so often and still go to hell, if someone is not living in such a way as to get to heaven and/or penitent for their sins. I have met people who think devotion to Mary will save them even if they don’t go to Mass or Confession or live a moral life. I do not think so. The opportunity is missed for the students, the kids are “graduating” from religious education. Some of those kids had not been brought to catechism as children but had only a year or two of religious education and received First Communion as well as Confirmation this year. The two confirmation teachers and I went after dinner and prayed for an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament at the Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

  3. We had a convert received into the faith at our parish today. She received Holy Communion and Confirmation. She was already baptized in her previous domination. After mass there was a cookie and punch reception. Sitting in front of me in one of the side pews was a young family with three small kids. The baby and I feel in love smiling and winking at each other. The really nice and amazing thing was that this sweet infant was rather vocal and a real wiggle worm – until the consecration. As soon as Father began the prayers she got quiet, faced forward and settled down. Babies are so amazing.

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