Tattletale angels: Did you hear what little George David is doing now?

img_20160520_090315.jpgThis is, of course, the best monochrome of Our Lady of Angels ever produced. I mean, the expressions of the angels and of our Lady are entirely appropriate to plotting the undoing of my silly ways (and yours?) are they not? The angels are looking for some direction, what with me being an especially hard case, and Mary is looking rather impressed with the kind of mischief I can get into, and yet is concerned of course, to figure out some way to break me of my infantile instead of childlike ways. It seems Mary is plotting some humorous ways, mischievous even, for the angels to deal with me, at least from what is indicated in the painting here. Perhaps I am entirely misguided, but I just think that the extended Holy Family in heaven is entirely capable of the most hilarious scenarios of irony that would ever set one in awe inspired contemplation and rejoicing in God’s love for us. “Try this with little George David,” says our Lady, whispering some directions to the angels. Yikes!


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3 responses to “Tattletale angels: Did you hear what little George David is doing now?

  1. This is a great picture…thank you! I am going to print it,…as it’s wonderful to consider my guardian angel consulting with Our Lady on how to guide me…the concerned look on Our Lady’s face says it all.

  2. Helen

    I am thrilled that Mama NEVER has a look of disdain. Praise God for His Holy Mom … and ours.

    Thank YOU, Fr. George. I LOVE this analogy.

  3. Pam

    You have a great imagination! On second thought…maybe it’s not imagination. Are those angels whispering in your ears??

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