Expanded Petrine Ministry? Why not an expanded Pontifical Family headship!

Pontifical Family humor

His Grace, the Most Reverend Georg Gänswein, recently spoke of the Petrine ministry as being expanded to include two fully installed Pontiffs, one contemplative (Benedict XVI) and one active (Francis). He said that Benedict did not abdicate as others have done. But, in the rules of the Conclave, this would make the election of Francis invalid. But that’s not what he’s saying. So, what’s this all about? You got me. But I think I had better make it public that I am the other long time diarchical member of the headship of the Prefecture of the Pontifical Family, here pictured in the office that is rightfully mine in conjunction with the Archbishop. Note, please, the donkey in the picture. That would be me.

This picture and this post constitute mere humor. This humor is not intended to have the effect of substantially changing the governance of the Pontifical Family and the transformation of the office of the Prefect that has been brought to this Family in the last number of years. This humor is merely put up for a laugh. I beg the indulgence of no excommunications or recriminations being leveled against me or anyone else, please! Just laugh. We need some humor during these trying times in the Church and the world. “Don’t be a sourpuss” as one member of the expanded Petrine ministry says! Relax, and just get used to the new expanded headship of the Pontifical Family. Just joking, again! Yikes! ;-)


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10 responses to “Expanded Petrine Ministry? Why not an expanded Pontifical Family headship!

  1. SognPlaci

    Great article! It’s a pity that, when being funny one has to warn Catholics that “this is humor”. Catholics are humorless, sniff…

  2. pelerin

    On the contrary I have found over the years that Catholics do have a great sense of humour/humor and certainly all (or almost all) the Priests I have had occasion to meet. The first time I laughed in a church was in a Catholic one during a homily given by an elderly Irish Priest. It took me quite by surprise I have to admit but I soon got used to it.

    There is a wonderfully amusing Catholic blog called Eccles although it does help to be a)British b)of a certain age c) live in the South of England in order to appreciate it fully. I think Americans would be baffled by some of the references.

  3. sanfelipe007

    Catholics have great senses of humor, beginning with St. Mathew. But I admit that a certain sense of humor is a charism that is only bestowed upon those whom the Spirit chooses. Father George, sognPlaci and I are such ones. Our laughter (braying?) is the visible sign.

  4. I take it this is your office at the Hermitage? And lunch on the credenza? (Chips and soda) Count me in too, sanfelipe007.

  5. Monica Harris

    That would be so cool! although just sitting in Archbishop Ganswein’s office (?-since looks like German stuff) is pretty cool too.

  6. Father George David Byers

    Yes, his office. No joke. Mine too. Just joking.

  7. elizdelphi

    Is Abp Ganswein taking the picture? Is the floor real marble? I hope you didn’t Vati-Leak anything.

  8. Pam

    Well, you fooled me…until I read the fine print. Nothing would surprise me anymore. I did wonder about the donkey part, though. I have actually heard some people talking about some dual role. Thanks, Father. I have a dry sense of humor, but not about these things normally. It’s good.

    To Pelerin: I found Eccles one day and read all his background stories. My family came from England, and I love the humor. Some of the people he mentions I am not familiar with, though.

  9. geneticallycatholic

    Speaking of donkeys, Eccles blog has a nice picture of three donkeys in his latest post. …

  10. Pam

    Well I think I am the donkey. Until I saw the second article about this, I thought this whole article was the joke, instead of just, apparently, the last part. That was embarrassing..(smiley face)

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