Shaw Air Force Base Air Expo 2016: LOL – “Just eat bananas!”

O.K. Wow. That’s just crazy insane. I love it. Great editing. Family memories and all. My neighbor in Transylvania county went to the air show the other day and sent me this video. Note that some of the planes have a bit of checkerboard in the tail. My dad headed did the Major thing for the Checkerboard squadron of the USMC in Korea. Glad to see even the corsairs are in the air. Very cool. This video set me to laughing out load for quite a while. These guys are crazy sick out of their minds, some of the best pilots in the world. Love to see it. Less editing here. Here’s an F-4U  like my dad’s (who flew the Pacific from 1943-1953). It’s the gullwing, you know, leading from behind. The Corsairs were the fastest plane around, including the first jets:

Precisely, he flew the F4U-5N for the VMFA-312 [Vaught Marine Fighter Attack Squadron], called the Checkerboarders. I asked dad what the tail code was: “Willey Roger” he said.

corsair vmfa 312 USMC Korea

More crazy wild from the air show in the video below. A close friend has been doing the avionics on these birds, besides his love for pyrotechnics and EOD insanity. I don’t know why, but this stuff makes me laugh out loud, raucously. I suppose for nostalgia.

The advice is to just eat bananas when you go along for a ride, the reason being that bananas are the only thing tasting the same going down as when they come right back up.

Perhaps this all made me laugh so hard because I’m taking it as a sign that perhaps things will change for the better come next January 19, 2017. Perhaps, perhaps. We pray.

I’m getting too nostalgic. In the picture below, I’m guessing that’s my dad to the immediately left of the prop standing on deck with his back to you, with his double-cowlick halfway up his head. This is on the USS Bataan in the Spring of 1952.

corsair bataan

Just a thought: Beaufort, SC, at Marine Corps Air Station (Fightertown [East]) home of today’s Checkerboarders with their F-18s, are only 5 hours, 43 minutes away from my parish. I never ever got a chance to be in a fighter piloted by my dad. I wonder, I just wonder if it would be possible for a son of a one time war-time commander of the checkerboarders to get a ride… That’s a far cry from me being any kind of VIP, but, you know, hey! It’s worth a try, right? Any ideas? I promise not to eat anything beforehand, not even bananas. Trouble is, the USMC only have the F-18C, which, unlike the B and D, has no VIP seat. Also, they have only a few which are flight worthy, as they been cannibalizing even the new planes for parts. Too sad, that…


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3 responses to “Shaw Air Force Base Air Expo 2016: LOL – “Just eat bananas!”

  1. So cool. Thanks for sharing.

  2. sanfelipe007

    Sigh, I have never been to an air expo. I always thought that when I “grew up” that I would go to them a lot. I remember all the sonic booms that would scare the daylights out of me and my siblings while growing up in La. in the 60s. Adult life is more complex, more stable and consequential than a child imagines.

  3. The F-4U Corsair was called “Whistling Death” by the Japanese due to the sound of the air intake. It was also one of the first planes to have the ability to land on a carrier out at sea giving it great positions from which to strike.

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