Scraps falling from the Master’s table (Laudie-dog the thunder-dog edition)

laudie-dog whoa

I brought Holy Communion to my 190 million year old neighbor lady in Transylvania County the other day, and afterward was able to greet Laudie-dog the world famous thunder-dog. It was half sunny out, but half not, meaning there could be thunder somewhere in the world, meaning Laudie was spending pretty much 100% of her energy on perceiving the least whisper from any cloud anywhere. Dogs have super highly developed antennae for storms which no NOAA radar had been able to equal to this day. Not hearing anything just this very second, she let herself be slightly distracted by greeting me, offering a paw, but not really even seeing me as she was otherwise preoccupied. If there is thunder that no one else can even hear, off she goes to hide in the deepest darkest cave she can find.

wile e coyoteSome have noted that her claws are long and, of all things (I can’t imagine), need a trim. But, no. If she didn’t have those while chasing off to hide when there was a clap of thunder, I fear that the lack of traction would give her a heart attack.

You would be hard pressed not to recall the great prophet Elijah having to be called out to the front of the cave in which he was hidden in the midst of the storms of this world so as to hear the whisper of God’s voice. The whisper bit is an occasion to be trained into properly listening to the voice of our Heavenly Father, an occasion to listen with the attentiveness brought about only by love. But even Elijah was a bit afraid of that love, and could only think of the great storms. He was a reprimanded for this, and sent right back into the heart of the fiercest storms, not so as to hide from them again, but so as to confront them and conquer them, doing God’s will in all things.

Laudie-dog, of course, got a pat on the head for her efforts. :-)

And we listen to the voice of our Heavenly Father speaking the Eternal Word to us, we hearing “Jesus”, that Word Incarnate, as an invitation to be in solidarity with Him even as He is in solidarity with us, and this even while Jesus, during His transfiguration, was speaking with Moses and Elijah about his exodus, His death in Jerusalem, even while  our Heavenly Father was saying about Jesus: “This is my beloved Son; listen to Him!”

And so we listen, so as to have the privilege to be crucified with Him for our efforts. :-)

Listen… listen… listen… (Just a little whisper… And no spinning feet!)


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9 responses to “Scraps falling from the Master’s table (Laudie-dog the thunder-dog edition)

  1. You paint pictures with words. Thanks for the laugh – 190 million year old neighbor and Laudie dog scrambling to safely – really!. Then, picturing the Transfiguration – and being in solidarity with Jesus as He is in solidarity with us – now that’s a comforting thought in the midst of this thundering world – I’m want to hold on to that thought.

  2. Jennifer

    What a beautiful dog! I feel privileged to be crucified with Christ. Thank you for your blog, Father. I truly appreciate your writing.

  3. Donna Kaup

    You are very right Father that Laudie-dog NEEDS her claws as she needs all the traction she can get as she rockets around the mountain. “Rocket Dog”! I really do not know how she can navigate at the speeds she can reach. Then if that is not enough she can spin while she runs. Well not while she runs. She runs, spins, runs, spins and runs. She is so happy to run. Then a nice back scrub on the ground. Go Lady Laudie!

  4. monicaharris58

    Hanging out in a deep dark cave sounds pretty good right now…..except for the bats. How does Laudie-dog feel about them?

    • Father George David Byers

      She was never attacked that I know of. I was. Stupid bats! They had some sort of disease around these parts, making them act strangely.

  5. Charlene C. Duline

    I can’t imagine why Laudie-dog was happy to see you. Does she know that you are harboring her replacement? Poor, beautiful Laudie-dog. So loyal, unlike some humans!!

  6. Speaking of 190 million olds, Father, may I get your take on this?

    My Mom is in a nursing home that used to be run by a religious order, now under government control. I only say this to give context.

    I am so grateful that they have Mass every day except on Monday. I join my Mom for Mass every Sunday. The Eucharistic Ministers are both male and female and they walk along the rows of wheel chairs distributing Holy Communion to the residents who are in various stages of physical and mental decline. I’ve noticed the following over a period of time about one female Eucharistic Minister:

    She has let drop without noticing segments of the Host to the floor.(l’ve hurried over to kneel, pick It up and consume It.

    She distributes Communion in the hand and does not wait to see whether the resident consumes the Host. On one occasion she gave a non-Catholic Communion in the hand.The resident just held the host not knowing what to do with it. I went over, politely asked for It and consumed It.

    She gives the whole Host to communicants who can barely open their mouths for those who prefer to directly receive it in the mouth.

    Today after Mass I spoke privately to the priest about my concerns. He thanked me for expressing them and directed me to speak to M, a lady in charge of the Eucharistic Ministers. M thanked me for expressing my concerns and said she would reiterate the need for giving Communion on the tongue foe those who were not well enough to take in the hand and also to wait to ensure it is consumed.

    Regarding giving Communion to non Catholics she said she did not have a problem with it as she believes it does much good to those who receive It. So I asked her, do these non Catholics understand they are receiving the Body and Blood of Our Lord? She hesitated and then replied..”When I give it,, I say ‘The Body of Christ’…”.

    My reply to her was well you are in charge so I brought my concerns to you.

    By the way Father, the priest, after directing me to her also said he would bring the matter up at the next liturgical meeting reminding them that disteibuting the Eucharist should be given with faith and devotion.

    Is this perhaps along the lines of Pope Francis not having a problem with Holy Communion to Lutherans? Also should I have done more?

    • Father George David Byers

      1. Who knows? Sad to say that….
      2. The responses given to you were inadequate. Is there more you could do? Depends on the Bishop….

      If it all happens gain, tell him whatever he did to correct the situation is inadequate. Could he just give Holy Communion himself. It’s a too complicated of a situation for EMHCs.

      This all saddens me terribly.

    • Father George David Byers

      1. Who knows? Sad to say that….
      2. The responses given to you were inadequate. Is there more you could do? Depends on the Bishop….

      If it all happens gain, tell him whatever he did to correct the situation is inadequate. Could he just give Holy Communion himself. It’s a too complicated situation for

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