Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Star of David edition)

flores yellow star

Both of these beauties are just outside the door of the rectory, right next to the statue of the Immaculate Virgin Mother of God up on the steps of the main door. Notice the six points on each, a common theme among flowers, particularly Easter lilies. I don’t have any of those growing at the rectory. I don’t have a green thumb. These were volunteers from previous owners.

flores red star

I am unaware of all the diverse interpretations of the Star of David. You can guess at some, such as what is up is down or vice versa, that is, if there are two distinct non-interwoven triangles depicted. The Israeli flag has no interweaving, but is rather a solid outline.

jewish yellow star judeMost Orthodox Jews dislike the use of the star, with some of the ultra-orthodox burning the flag on predictable occasions. But it is not owned by the Zionist movement just because they used it. It is not made evil by the Nazis just because they used it to identify those they were preparing to exterminate. It is not exclusive to the commentators who, very diversely, insist that what is left is right or that what is right is wrong, and so on with all their ultimately political agendas. It is what it is, but there is one interesting depiction dating from the time of Jesus.

synagogue of capernaum star of davidThe Synagogue of Capernaum was built by a Roman Centurion who loved the people of Israel. It is a Synagogue in which Jesus Himself preached and which He surely visited countless times as a youngster (getting to know the Centurion?). The stoneworkers chiseled a certain symbol all over the Synagogue, a forever interwoven double-triangle with a center seventh point – the fulfillment of perfection – giving a direct analogy to the hypostatic union of the divine (what is up) and human (what is down) natures of the Divine Person of the God-Man, the Messiah, the Word-Incarnate, the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception, the Seed of the Mother of the Redeemer of Genesis 3:15.

star of davidImagine… Mary was a living tabernacle of the Most High, she being the very Ark of the Covenant, of the Living Covenant, of the One who provides our wherewithal to live that Covenant in Blood as members of the very Body of Christ because of now also being the children of Mary and therefore brothers and sisters of Jesus. He lays down His life on this earth that we might live forever with Him in heaven, fulfilling in this way all the prophesies of all Sacred Scripture before Him. This is called the Star of David!

This particular stained glass Star of David was made for me by a father and son of one of first parishes I was in as a deacon during the Summer break. I guess they liked my preaching. I very much enjoyed getting this. It was a time when politics in the Church and in that parish were pretty horrific (as always, right?). They didn’t know I was Jewish, and for that matter, at the time, neither did I. That knowledge would come to me only more recently when I started to investigate my genealogy, finding out that my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother… were all Jewish, making me Jewish. Anyway, whatever the controversies are with my Jewish brethren about the pros and cons of the Star of David, I like it, and I’m not shy about it. For that matter, as a Catholic priest and totally a believer in the Jew, Jesus Christ, and dedicated to the Jewess, Mary most holy, I wouldn’t mind also having dual USA/Israeli citizenship.


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3 responses to “Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Star of David edition)

  1. sanfelipe007

    Thank you for your take on the Star of David! Up triangle(Christ’s divinity) and down triangle (Christ’s humanity). And the triangles being all about the trinity. Wonderful!

  2. pelerin

    It was interesting to find out that the Star of David represents the fulfillment of perfection.

    I was watching Mass from the Sacre Coeur Basilica, Paris on the internet this afternoon and was surprised to see a mosaic on the wall of the Sanctuary of what looked like the Star of David. I was in there last Friday but have never noticed this before. Camera closeups often seem to reveal something the casual visitor does not notice.

    Strangely the subject of the Star of David came up in conversation last week when a lady commented to me after Mass that the chap she shook hands with during the ‘Peace’ had the Star of David tattooed on his palm. She thought this very strange as did I at the time.

  3. John

    Happy Feast of the Sacred Heart, Father.

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