Falling off the edge of the world…


Whoopsy! Did everything just get lifted up and then drop ten feet and turn sideways? I’ve been through two other earthquakes, one in Italy that put some serious fissures into quite a number of churches with tremors going on for a full week, and one in France, which I thought was going to bring the Chaplains’ House down with me in it. It’s a relief, as I sit here, that the cell towers are still up and running. I dare not move. I never thought it would happen here, falling off the edge of world just here, I mean, because, I mean, I have so much to do. What about my commentary on Genesis? What about those exorcism cases? What about – what a fright… – all those prayers I could have offered, all that time I could have spent instead with Jesus? Glad I went to Confession. Hey, wait a minute! I’m just not holding the camera level. There was no earthquake. The road ahead is fine. So, on the move again. But you never know when you’ll have your life flashing before your eyes. Better to be ready to leave this exile at any time.


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2 responses to “Falling off the edge of the world…

  1. “Better to be ready to leave this exile at any time.” Great advice! Whenever my kids or grand kids complain about how the world seems to be sliding into a moral decline -I tell them, “stay straight with Jesus! and make friends with your confessor!”

  2. Susan

    Dear Fr. Byer, 😂😂😂😂😂. Sometimes you crack me up! I was totally engrossed in your post, and then, “hey, wait a minute”……I really admire the way you take the absolutely smallest thing and use it as a teaching moment to point us back to Christ.

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