Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Having fun preaching edition)


Since another priest offered the Vigil Mass in my parish, away I went for a “day off” – from late Friday night until early Sunday morning. The “day off” was to consist of reading two child protection books. Some “day off” that would be, right? There’s really never a “day off” for me. But instead, I was distracted the entire time by the priest of the parish where I went, so that we again solved all the problems of the Church and the world. I ended up saying one of his two vigil Masses. He’s saying the second one as I write this. Then we’re going to grill up a steak. He used to work in a restaurant, which is so very different from me scrounging around dumpsters! (Hat tip to elizdelphi for reminding me of this the other day).

Anyway, I have to confess, I just have way too much fun preaching. I can’t help it. I love speaking about the Living Truth, how much He loves us. I love the Gospels. I love being a priest. Pray for vocations who will also have way too much fun preaching. That’s a good flower for the Immaculate Conception.



Table conversation:



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5 responses to “Flores for the Immaculate Conception (Having fun preaching edition)

  1. Nan

    It almost sounds like you ran off to a Midwestern parish in a university town that’s crazy liberal.

  2. Father George David Byers

    The University of Phoenix is everywhere.

  3. elizdelphi

    LOL I appreciate that Father. And I do remember when you did some dumpster diving. Maybe that is why I like you so much. Actually I believe the tortellini I am eating tonight came from a dumpster.and the canned tomatoes definitely were.

    I really, really need to remind myself of being poor having its charms, indeed being blessed. I am going through a real trial with my apartment, that does not feel charming.

    I mentioned you at breakfast this morning, which was at a coffee shop after Mass and devotions, with a Air Force pilot future military chaplain seminarian, and a protestant homeless man, and commenter here “bonomo” (a parish friend) at a coffee shop. The seminarian was trying to explain to the protestant about Mary and was telling us with excitement how one of his professors who is very proficient in languages told them that when the angel says “hail, full of grace” what he is really saying is “hail to you who continue to be full of grace.” And I said that this priest blogger in North Carolina who is a Missionary of Mercy had said the same thing and was similarly fascinating in opening up to us what the Scriptures say in the original languages. And I attempted to describe your dissertation about Genesis which he seemed to grasp the gist of, and told him you had been a chaplain at Lourdes, where he just was a few weeks ago for the Armed Services Pilgrimage. Then he told us about that which had been extremely inspiring to him. The nicest seminarian, happy to hang out with us lowly people, he even has been coming to my “Story of a Soul” study group.

  4. Pretty flower, it looks like what my mother used to call Chicory. Even prettier is the mental picture of you enjoying your duties. Preaching the word and loving every moment of it. Praise God – how I wish we had you here in our part of the world.

  5. sanfelipe007

    I’ve been on the road and away from the “net”, so I am waaaayy behind on reading. That said, we may not get the best of Father George, but we get what’s good enough for “the likes of us.”

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