The news is out: I too was once a male trapped in a female body

chuck norris

Sent in by a reader. Ha ha ha.

But, it’s not so funny in the wake of the Orlando shooting.

There are even bishops who say that the blame for the Orlando shooting is to be put squarely on the faith of Catholics, discounting those who truly are homophobes mind you (those afraid that they might be homosexual and so lash out at homosexuals). Those bashing the Catholic faith say that the faith itself is at fault, for they say that the faith sets up structures in society by which such terrorism can play out.

But, no. That’s not the way it is. Those who truly have the faith, and are not homophobic, want to share with people the greatest love of their own lives, Jesus Christ, the Divine Son of the Immaculate Conception. They do this while also talking about the immorality of homosexual acts because they want to help people participate in a much fuller life.

I remember saying this to a homosexualist activist back in the 1980s when I was a seminarian returning home from Rome for Summer vacation. We were on the shuttle van from the Twin Cities Airport to Collegeville, MN. He had been invited to teach a course at the Benedictine University about, I guess, all things homosexual.

I was sitting way in the back of the van, still in my cassock, and he was sitting in the seat just ahead of me, well, not sitting; he suddenly flipped himself about on the seat, on his haunches, facing me. I could see the driver’s face in the rear view mirror. He was scared at this unprovoked – what else to call it? – attack. The homosexualist guy was extremely agitated with me before he even introduced himself to me. I guess it was the cassock. He was raising his voice and waving his hands about, explaining with much frustration and anger just how happy he and his fellow gays are to be gay.

But, here’s the deal: the stats are that gays are astronomically more likely to attempt suicide, even multiple times, and then also be successful in committing suicide, than heterosexuals. That speaks to great sadness and frustration when non-stop distracting oneself just doesn’t work anymore, meaning the great sadness and frustration were there the whole time.

And, so, what? We Catholics, whether having homosexual tendencies or not, are supposed to keep the truth of the love of our Lord hidden from those in an active homosexual lifestyle, thus content to keep them locked in discontent? Just to say, the stats for gay on gay murder are also astronomical. Back to Orlando…

Was the terrorist guy gay? I doubt it. No one ever spoke of any date, at least on which something happened. He got his face known on dating apps. He sat alone, but was getting his face known. He was playing the game so that he could spend as much time as possible there to get to know when most people would be there, be wasted on drugs and alcohol, where the exits were, if any emergency exists were chained (as even high schools stupidly do for their dances, against the fire code), if there was security, bouncers, and who and where they were, if there were occasionally used metal detectors, etc., etc., etc. Do you think that that is, like – 00000000hhh! – lying? That would be taqiyyah, wouldn’t it?

The trouble is, Westerners are so wrapped up in their rejection of religion being reasonable that they cannot wrap their minds around something being wrong with a religion which rejects the utility of reason, as Islam does with its denial of an analogy between our reasoning and God’s reason. And then they can’t see when anything is wrong.


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4 responses to “The news is out: I too was once a male trapped in a female body

  1. Jennifer

    Thank you, Father Byers. I appreciate that you were able to articulate exactly my concerns. I grew up in a family that included many gay people. They were all very unhappy, they had psychological issues that made them unable to relate correctly to the opposite sex. Their sex trash was yucky!

    But I loved them dearly. I was very sorry when one such relative died while looking for sex in Mexico. I worry that he was in a state of unrepentant mortal sin. I worry about the same things for those who were killed in Orlando. God values chastity. We all do, actually. It is one of those natural values, that make people want to commit suicide when a sex tape or inappropriate photo is made public. It is what makes many women want to abort…they don’t want to be known as promiscuous.

    We think we understand Muslims the way some people think they understand animals. I remember reading about a guy who camped out with bears in Alaska. He had names for all of them. They ate him and his girlfriend, whom he manipulatively persuaded to go to Alaska with him.

  2. Excellent article. It is very thought provoking. The cross reference to taqiyyah is informative and interesting. It answers a question our Rosary Club was discussing last week.

  3. sanfelipe007

    One aspect of the shooting that has been ignored is that most of the victims were of Hispanic origin, and that the attack occurred on “Latino night.”

  4. elizdelphi

    A stunning spectacle of evil any way you slice it.

    Let us not forget to be grateful to the Courage Apostolate.

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