My mom’s lifelong terror: another hint

warsaw ghetto

Warsaw Ghetto.  Relatives?

A gracious reader just brought to mind for me the Yiddish words my mom would speak. I remember asking her about this. I thought she was speaking Polish. I only found out much latter that all these words were Yiddish. She would only say ever so very wistfully and all so full of nostalgia – my questions making her pause, quite overcome with emotion – that her mom and her friends were fluent and that she herself knew much more as a kid, but that what they spoke was strictly reserved to the house and forbidden to be spoken in public. She was being terribly evasive. It was as if she wanted to tell me so much more, but she couldn’t, as if that were for my own good. She had been whisked away to live with “Aunt Stella” in New Haven, Connecticut as a little kid (then in the country, having to walk a mile and some for the school bus). She was sooooooooooo nostalgic when saying the little she did.

pottery white blue stripe

I think of other things. Perhaps I’m reading into it, but my mom a thousand times pointed out what her favorite style of pottery was.  I myself was quite an amazing potter (I very often had spectators when I set myself to it). She wanted white with blue stripes in the rough style of what’s pictured here (which I did not create), whether jugs, or plates or bowls, or flower pots.

1948 israeli flag


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10 responses to “My mom’s lifelong terror: another hint

  1. elizdelphi

    dare I ask what happened to your mom’s’ parents?

  2. sanfelipe007

    Happy Fathers day, Father!

    You might, at times, feel like Luke Skywalker, but I see you as “crazy old Ben Kenobi,” anybody else get that feeling? No? Then it’s just me.

  3. Father George David Byers

    @ elizdelphi: Sure.

  4. Father George David Byers

    @ sanfelipe007

  5. elizdelphi

    were your mom’s parents murdered by the nazis?

    And, happy Father’s Day :-)

  6. elizdelphi

    that’s a pretty strange comment isn’t it, but sincere.

  7. Father George David Byers

    Not murdered by the Nazis. Grandma came over long before, when things were heating up. But I imagine they had a lot of relatives over yonder.

  8. elizdelphi

    I’m glad they were safe. And that is doubtless true about other relatives.

  9. Father George David Byers

    “doubtless true” — I don’t know that at all. Everything points to the opposite.

  10. HELEN

    At Mass, yesterday morning, I met a lady who was a descendant of Judaism. When she introduced herself to me, I immediately had chills. Upon realizing what she was saying, I thought…(and I think I said it out loud) “A fulfilled Jew” ……….. WOW…. here they come again.

    God bless You Father George… God bless You.

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