Terrorists are still holding my successor hostage: Father Anton Totonjian

Father Anton Totonjian Armenian Catholic Priest

Update: This post is getting visits from Armenia, where the Holy Father, Pope Francis, is going today (June 24 2016) for a few days. They are a couple of hours ahead of Rome for those helping with some coordinated prayer for Pope Francis: An Hour for Pope Francis – Help!

It’s always personal, but when there is a close connection, it’s all the more so. As you may know, Father Anton Totonjian, a 70-year-old Armenian Catholic priest taking care of the people of Gyumri, Armenia, was taken as a hostage by terrorists at the end of 2015. The USA said they might help in doing an investigation. He’s not free yet, though they caught 21 terrorists about to go on a massive killing rampage. Father Anton was a chaplain for the Tyburn nuns in Riverstone NSW after I left Australia multiple lifetimes ago. At the time, I was filling in for Masses and such some time before he arrived. One of the Tyburns, Mother L., has asked for prayers for him. So, I turn to you readers. I’ve been close to the Tyburns for so very many years and am indebted to them utterly for prayers for myself. It’s time to return at least a small portion of this favor I’ve found in their eyes.


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13 responses to “Terrorists are still holding my successor hostage: Father Anton Totonjian

  1. Lara

    He is on our prayer board and will keep him close in our intentions.

  2. meshugunah


  3. Liz

    Oh dear. Tell Mother L. we are praying for him.

  4. Cathe D.

    Thank you Father George for letting us know. I will pray for him…cathy

  5. sanfelipe007

    Starting a rosary right now.

  6. For sure, I will include Fr. Anton in my prayers for priests.

  7. James W. Anderson

    He is on my prayer list and I will add him to my parish’s prayer list.

  8. Liz

    Any updates, Father? Still praying!

  9. Father George David Byers

    @ Liz – Be my researcher!

  10. Liz

    Oh dear. I’m terrible at that sort of thing, but I will try. St. Anthony, pray for us. :)

  11. pelerin

    Will do, especially on Sunday when I hope to be in the Tyburn Convent in London after the annual Tyburn Walk commemorating the Martyrs who died nearby.

  12. Liz

    Sorry, I never could find out, but I will keep praying for you. Lord have mercy!

  13. sanfelipe007

    More prayers!

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