Father Gordon J MacRae my best friend – The 54 day Rosary begins TODAY

GORDON MACRAEFather Gordon J MacRae (about) has been writing for his blog TheseStoneWalls from prison for seven years (Seven Years Behind These Stone Walls), something he’s done at the request of Cardinal Avery Dulles. There was no case presented against him in court, and the prosecutors (one who disappeared the next day and one who committed suicide) begged him to take a plea deal (at one point for no time at all), but, since he was innocent and couldn’t live with the lie, he was given a life sentence for crimes that by the reckoning of all never happened. He was wrongly convicted and wrongly imprisoned for now going on 23 years.

The CDF knows that he is innocent but does nothing to prosecute those who scapegoated him. Father Gordon knew too much of the wrong doing of those at the epicenter of the abuse crisis: Bishop John McCormack, Bishop Francis Christian and, now, imprisoned for untold numbers of crimes, Monsignor Edward Arsenault.

The conflicts of interest are many which drive this case, each one of which would make for a blockbuster film. These include the bishops and chancery officials and their various relationships with various members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, pretty much all the lawyers on whatever “side”, Attorneys General, U.S. Attorneys, Governors, priests who are guilty, the accusers and their dollars.

There has been a wide array of those writing about his case including many times The Wall Street Journal. But, you can read the stunning summary at Seven Years Behind These Stone Walls. At the end of that article, that paradigm reset button, you’ll find this Editor’s note:

Editor’s Note: Long-time TSW reader, Maria Stella, extends this invitation,

“As the next TSW post will probably be June 29, could you please add a note at the end of the post to invite supporters of Fr. MacRae to join in a 54 day rosary novena that will start on June 30, the day the first martyrs of the Holy Roman Church are commemorated? The intention is justice for Fr MacRae and that he be released from prison. Other readers may want to add their particular intentions.”

As it happens, the beginning and ending days in the Novus Ordo and the Extraordinary Form are Feast days that are most fitting:

Novus Ordo:

  • June 30 Feast of the Martyrs of the Church of Rome
  • August 22 Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Extraordinary Form

  • June 30 Commemoration of Saint Paul
  • August 22 Immaculate Heart of Mary

Father Richard Heilman has a great presentation of the provenance of the 54 day Rosary novena, made up of 3 novenas of petition and 3 novenas of thanksgiving: Roman Catholic Man.

Please, do join us. In doing so, you are also helping out true victims, who hate nothing more than the self-congratulation of those who pocket money and prestige based on hysteria over their own actual sufferings. Remember, when people get sick of false accusations, they won’t listen to real ones any more. And the whole thing begins again. No! We must take each case individually, grant due process (which has almost never been done, especially by those who trumpet loudly that it has), and respect justice. Mercy, mind you, is based on justice, and if we throw out justice, you will never see mercy, only fraud. And people suffer.

Meanwhile, Father Gordon is an instrument of grace in his prison pod, “Bravo Pod,” which is reserved for only the worst criminals. Many of them convert. Many of them belong to the Militia of the Immaculata of Saint Maximilian Kolbe. Pray for his strength and holiness. He points more people to heaven than most all priests on the outside of those stone walls.


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36 responses to “Father Gordon J MacRae my best friend – The 54 day Rosary begins TODAY

  1. Helen

    AMEN!!! LET THE PRAYERS BEGIN!!! (Thank You Fr. George)…praying for YOU too.

  2. sanfelipe007

    I had never heard of the 54 day rosary before now. Yes, the timing is wonderful. How deep and rich are the treasures of the Church.

    On your mark, get set, ready….

  3. Lorraine

    I will be praying this Novena for Fr. Gordon and all who suffer from false accusation.

  4. Mary Walker

    Our Lady, Queen of the Rosary, pray for us. We ask your Blessings throughout this novena of love!

  5. I just posted this to my public Face Book wall. I am hoping it will bring more people to pray the Rosary for Fr.MacRae.

  6. Liz

    We happily will join (but only if we can throw a little praying for Pornchai in there too! It’s hard for me to pray for or think of one without the other.) :)

  7. Cathe

    Thank you Father George for clarifying when the novena was to begin. I read Father MacRae’s web last night and I wasn’t sure what was happening…I have prayed the 54 day Novena once and it is a very powerful prayer. My dad had a heart attack on December 7th and I began a 54 day Novena that day asking for his recovery. The good Lord gave my father three years and he passed away, may he rest in peace, on December 8th. I have begun this 54 day Novena for Father MacRae today June 30th, thanks to your email clarifying the intentions, timing, etc and also for directing us to the Roman Catholic Man site…it is so helpful. God bless you, Father George.

  8. James Anderson

    Thanks Fr. George but Fr. Heilman’s very compact version doesn’t include the Luminous mysteries. Do you know of any versions that are compact and include them?

    • Father George David Byers

      Can anyone help James with this. I’m running off to the backsides of the back ridges of this mountain parish for Mass, Communion Call and pastoral visits…

    • Father George David Byers

      Father ~ I used this one once… has Luminous Mysteries. Might also be good for someone new to the 54-day novena.

      Prayers to your GA as you careen around the mountain. ~

  9. Caroline Niesley

    I would be happy to pray the Rosary for Fr.

  10. @James Anderson, if you search the internet for 54 day rosary novena. You will find one that includes the luminous mysteries.

    My apologies for not including a link bit O am writing from my cell phone. And don’t how to do so.

    God bless

  11. John Rice

    Fr. MacRae has been in this sinner’s prayers for years and I will now specifically include him in my rosary. He is one of my life heroes.

  12. Gina Nakagawa

    I will get as many people as possible to join.

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  14. sanfelipe007

    I love the Luminous mysteries and include them in my daily Rosaries. But I am persuaded to omit them for this, since Father Heilman explained that the BVM specified the three sets at that time*. Also, including the Luminous mysteries ends up with an uneven distribution of mysteries. It just seems strange. But do not let that stop you if you want to include the Luminous mysteries, Father Gordon needs your prayers!

    I suppose if the Church defined an official version^ for both, 3 mysteries and 4 mysteries, I would certainly opt for the 4 mystery version. But I still find great beauty in the 3 mystery version. Sometimes less is more. To each their own?

    * I know, it seems to echo the traditionalist-ism “We’ve never done it that way before!” In my case, I’ve never prayed this devotion before now.

    ^ Maybe they have? I wish there was some way to check ;-)

  15. Stephen.Round.

    Thruout this summer I will pray every day for Father Gordon.On the matter of his innocence I concur.

  16. Count me in. Lots of money being spread around to keep Fr Gordon in jail. Wish I knew who. God bless Father Gordon, and you as well. You are my heroes!

  17. HELEN


  18. Cathe

    The site says that the luminous mysteries weren’t included because the original 54 day Novena given by the Blessed Mother did not include these mysteries.

  19. Add my prayers for all those falsely accused and persecuted

  20. sanfelipe007

    Thank you Helen! That was the first time I ever said a Rosary led by an internet video.

  21. Will be praying the rosary with my husband, who went Home yesterday evening around 8:30 pm… Am sure Tom is “reminding everyone” of Fr. G.’s story! :)

    • Father George David Byers

      My condolences, Kathleen. We’re all in solidarity with you. Prayers also for you and Tom. May he rest in peace.

  22. Mary Floeck

    Very happy to join in the 54 Day Novena for Fr. MacRae. He is obviously sustained by God’s grace. No other explanation for the ministry he has in a prison cell. He has touched my life in a number of ways. God bless Fr MacRae!

  23. Started my novena this afternoon. Prayer is a powerful weapon.

  24. Suzanne Formanek

    I’m so glad that this novena is now underway! I have asked members of the Sons of the Divine Will Community to pray the novena for Father MacRae as well. Together with the first martyrs of the Roman Church, ahd readers TSW around the world we are storming Heaven,
    Suzanne Formanek

  25. Helen

    Hello again Fr. George….

    I just wanted to post the following in case anyone wanted to reach in other places on behalf of Fr. Gordon:

    Jesus told St. Faustina:
    At 3 PM , implore My Mercy, especially for sinners; In this hour, I will refuse *NOTHING* to the soul that makes a request of me in virtue of My passion.




  26. Janine Fazioli

    God bless and keep dear Father MacRae!! I will pray the novena with the expectant faith he will be released. Although it is obvious he already has been freed!! God love you Father– and belated Happy Anniversary! I pray for you each night!
    Janine Fazioli

  27. Mary Jean Diemer

    Thank you Father George for spreading the word! We have the power of prayer to surround our beloved Father Gordon! Our Lady Queen of the Rosary pray for us!

  28. I will spread this message as much as I can. The Holiness of these intentions will not go unanswered with the intercession of Most Holy Mother Immaculate.

  29. Joan Ripley

    God bless you, Father George. I’ll start the 54 day novena as well for justice for Fr. Gordon today. May God abundantly bless you both!

  30. Pierre Matthews

    We join the 54 rosary day novena today.
    Pierre and Raymonde

  31. Mary Fran

    I’m in on this too. Day 3 today. I have prayed the 54 Day Novena with POWERFUL results. Our Lady found a buyer for our house quickly when houses in our neighborhood were sitting for months and months and months, sometimes years. And that before we even got into the thanksgiving part. And then she found us just the perfect house on the other end, a short 3 minute walk from our adoration chapel. Again, long before we were finished the novena. Second settlement date was only 3 weeks after the first.

    She really cares about us and has Jesus’ ear better than any other person.

  32. Father Gordon is considered one of the “worst” prisoners? And Max too? Wow. What fortunate men are those who are thrown into their midst!

    Helen, I am SO SORRY to hear of your loss. I knew it was coming, but it has to be hard for you.

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