The sins of my Coat of Arms (revision)


In my opinion, this is the best Coat of Arms for a priest ever.

We’re still working on the motto… I am rather indecisive…

elizdephi is an extremely talented artist. It makes me wonder what treasures she has…

This is the third post on this. Behold, posts one and two:

As for the sword and quill pen, a lawyer who is also a Scott has written in to complain, saying, “Hmph!” and adding that “I seriously think you are NOT allowed swords behind your blazon. How very brazen!” To which I answer, there are not “swords” but only one, and then a quill. Perhaps it is with this kind of intervention that the exclamation came about: “Scotch that!”

That this fellow is a Scott is rather significant. They are very persnickety about Coats of Arms and all manner of heraldry. I respect that. But, he was born in the British Commonwealth and offered, of all things, to seek a waiver for my brazenness with the very Queen of England. The Scotts have all manner of opinion about any Queen of England having any sort of wealth that is common round about the globe.

At any rate, I hear it told – though I don’t know if it’s true – that the coat of arms of Pope John Paul II was also in some way against the rules. And, at any rate, does not the Church have some weight to throw around with such rules?

Anyway, I’m not sure of the significance of a sword or quill for that matter either turned up or, as depicted here, turned down. For Saint Michael the Archangel, the downward sword being put into the scabbard does not signify peace or surrender, but rather victory in the sense of “It’s over for you buddy. You’re a joke. Just give it up now or you’re dead.” Something like that…


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8 responses to “The sins of my Coat of Arms (revision)

  1. I have the privilege of knowing “elizdelphi” and chatting with her at church on a regular basis. As you suspect, she does, indeed, have many treasures. :-)

  2. sanfelipe007

    To think I was here, and saw the genesis of your coat of arms. Three cheers for Elizabeth! Well done.

  3. I believe the sword is very appropriate – because a real priest (meaning one who is willing to fight for the souls our Lord Jesus died for) is a warrior. As Jesus said do not fear those who can only kill the body – fear those who can thrust you into eternal death by killing your soul. Real priests battle the ‘real enemy’ all the time. I like the coat of arms very much. Great job elizdelphi !

    As for a motto how about, ” All for You, Lord Jesus! “

  4. Jennifer

    On a series that my children like (The Wiggles) one of the characters is named Captain Feathersword.

  5. sanfelipe007

    Few can cut through to the truth as do children.

  6. SognPlaci

    If this is your coat of arms then the motto should be: solvite illum et adducite (from Mk 11,2). Or from John 12,14: Et invenit Iesus asellum et sedit super eum.

  7. elizdelphi

    There was no question in my mind that the sword should be downward-pointing because (besides the fact that one always writes with the business end of a quill pen downward) St Michael always seems to be stabbing downward at lucifer. As for the sword not being allowed, maybe St Michael simply flew behind Fr George’s blazon going one way, and one of Elijah’s ravens at the same instant flew by going the other way and that is just the fact of the matter whether it is “allowed” or not.

    I have more work to do, and I’m not sure the motto is yet settled on, except that for certain it will be in some language that uses a different alphabet!

    I am able to seem extremely talented because this design involves only things I know reasonably well how to draw.

  8. Father George David Byers

    You made me laugh out loud elizdelphi! Poor Raven meeting up with Saint Michael!

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